THE SONG: Gwen Stefani, "Hollaback Girl"
THE LYRIC: "This shit is bananas / B-A-N-A-N-A-S"
THE VERDICT: We don't agree with the readers who suggested this one – we think it's fun in a "guilty pleasures" sort of way – but we're all about the voice of the people here.

RECEIVING MULTIPLE WRITE-INS: "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier"
THE SONG: The Killers, "All These Things I've Done"
THE LYRIC: "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier"
THE VERDICT: That refrain just doesn't make sense. It's even worse when he repeats it ad infinitum.

THE SONG: Crazytown, "Butterfly"
THE LYRIC: "Hey sugar momma, come and dance with me/The smartest thing you ever did was take a chance with me/So, what ever tickles your fancy/Girl it's you like Sid and Nancy"

THE VERDICT: "First, they probably wouldn't know a Sex Pistols' song if Johnny Lydon slapped them in the face. Second, these are truly the worst lyrics of all time. I win,” says reader ariesjenna.

THE SONG: Zager & Evans, "In the Year 2525"
THE LYRIC: "In the year 7510/If God's a-comin', he oughta make it by then/Maybe he'll look around himself and say/Guess it's time for the judgment day."
THE VERDICT: The song is insufferable as it is, but why change the "in the year X" formula for this line? At least stay consistent.  (suggested by doxieman122)

THE SONG: Bloodrock, "DOA"
THE LYRIC: "Life is flowing out my body/Pain is flowing out with my blood/The sheets are red and moist where I'm lying/God in Heaven, teach me how to die"
THE VERDICT: Good times! (also suggested by doxieman 122)

THE SONG: R. Kelly, "Ignition (remix)"
THE LYRIC: "It's the remix to ignition/Hot and fresh out the kitchen/Mama rollin that body got every man in here wishin’/Sippin on coke and rum/I'm like so what I'm drunk/it's the freakin' weekend/Baby I'm about to have me some fun"
THE VERDICT: R. Kelly's lyrics, of course, are bad in the best way possible, like bad in a way that makes you scream at your friends in the car to bring their attention to them, which apparently really happened to our friend, the Waitress, who suggested we add this to our list: "I had been telling my friend Erin about its ridiculous lyrics for weeks. Then one fateful night I was driving her home and flipping through the stations when there it was. I almost deafened her when I screamed, ‘THIS IS IT!!!!!’ We laughed so hard listening to it."

THE SONG: Dan Hartman, "Fletch, Get Out of Town"
THE LYRIC: "Get outta town (get outta town)/Just get outta town/Go north to Alaska, east to Atlantic City, or south to Rio/Almost as far as you can go/Get outta town/Just rent a car (get outta town)/So they won't know where you are"

THE VERDICT: Why not include a possible western destination for poor Fletch? May we suggest Okinawa (depending on his point of origin)? It sings well. It’s as if Anthony Kiedis wrote this. (Suggested by cjb.)

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