Schilling’s fire sale, by the numbers

Auction Blockhead
By MICHAEL WALSH  |  October 31, 2012


By now, most are likely aware of Curt Schilling's recent woes, but for those not privy: 38 Studios, the former Red Sox pitcher's Rhode Island–based video-game studio, was forced to declare bankruptcy back in the spring, sending him into a financial tailspin. Reactions have ranged from snickering — Schilling is a noted asshole and a staunch defender of both George W. Bush and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the latter here in Patriots country probably more blasphemous than the former — to sheer wonderment that an athlete who had netted $114 million over his career can now be broke. To his credit, Schilling is scrambling to repay the $75 million in government loans, even threatening to sell off his famed bloody sock. He also auctioned off detritus from the company's old Providence headquarters. We've scoured the 2000 or so items from last week's auction. Below, behold the nerdiest and shittiest of that obnoxiously nerdy shit.

A clock presumably used to count down the time until the release date of their video game and not the impending doom of their company.

A giant replica from the game and a giant waste of space in any garage or basement

For further evidence that this guy is indeed a prick, note that he had mini-statues of himself in his own office. Think about that for a second.

Reportedly used to create sound effects for the game, this item was purchased by a small-business owner who will hang the sword in his home office to remind himself of the perils of mismanagement. Okay, this is just getting sad.

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