What's more, the poor Apple employee that approved Boyfriend Maker for the iOS store apparently didn't perform rigorous testing on this innocent-looking virtual boy's ability to sext back with gusto, so the game came listed with an age rating of 4+. Suffice it to say, that rating does not fit the contents, and Boyfriend Maker got banned from the app store on November 26.


The strangest part of the rise and demise of Boyfriend Maker, to me, is how many progressive and feminist gamers (in other words, how much of my Twitter feed) love this game. Our virtual boyfriends' personalities were our worst nightmares. If professional writers had included this kind of dialogue in a game on purpose, we would be up in arms about it.

Perhaps Boyfriend Maker's AI nature and unassuming anime features make it easier to laugh off his insensitivity and forget that his personality is constructed by us. After all, Boyfriend Maker is only repeating what we told him to say.

I couldn't help but wonder, as I played, whether we could beat the system with enough volume. Since this chat client is one that learns based on input and response, then if we all treat Boyfriend Maker like a human, perhaps he would someday behave like one . . . even though his head has been disproportionately filled with other people's garbage. I mean, even though he's a terrible boyfriend, you would be too if you'd taken all that crap. I guess that's just the same old story: maybe, just maybe, if we say the right words enough times, we can change him.

UPDATE:Boyfriend Maker's back, now on Google Play

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