The 20 Greatest Bosses in Video Game History - #20: Dr. Robotnik

The Sonic the Hedgehog games, various systems
Dr. Robotnik

What, really, did all that bluster about the Genesis in the early nineties amount to? Weren’t the games just 8-bit Nintendo games repackaged with better graphics and sound? There were no genuinely unique games to be found. And the once stunning technical achievements were eclipsed by the SNES once that system hit its stride. Play any non-sports title that came out on both the Genesis and SNES, and the SNES’s superiority will reveal itself.

All that said, we still love playing the Sonic franchise – it’s just fun to run around, collect those rings, and beat up on a hopelessly immature, doughy, presumably Russian mad scientist. Plus it had some catchy tunes on the soundtrack. So, Dr. Robotnik, for your nefarious scheme of imprisoning Sonic’s woodland friends to do your bidding, for your Mean Bean Machine, and for you tiny stick legs, we award you a spot on this list.

- Ryan Stewart

Watch a speedrun of the Robotnik encounters in Sonic 2 (YouTube)

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