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By JOE BERNARDI  |  July 10, 2007

As for ASW seeing more print success (like The Perry Bible Fellowship, ASW has run in the Guardian, among other publications), Comeau remains cautiously optimistic. “The comic has run in print in magazines and papers almost since we started,” he says, “but will it become something like Garfield? Photo comics might become a funny-pages staple, I could see that. But it might be a while before you see ASW making ‘abortion party’ jokes beside Garfield!”

As if to account for the comedic disparity between his work and that of Jim Davis, Comeau is quick to emphasize how flexible and permissive the webcomic medium is. He says:  “I think webcomics are like zines. Anyone can do them, and nobody can say whether you're good enough or not. There will be a lot of crap, and there will be some amazing, fucked up, broken, perfect things. Art!”

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