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By DAVID MASHBURN  |  July 26, 2007

The SNL crew at Fun with Real Audio render an animated Bill Clinton and Bob Dole during an October 1996 debate as Americans really envisioned them. Dole’s face falls off while Clinton snogs an intern (pre-Monica) and launches Hillary into space. The audio is real; the animation just seems real.

The members of the Springfield Republican Party — Mr. Burns, Krusty, Rainier Wolfcastle, Dr. Hibbert,  Rich Texan, and Dracula — are always planning some sort of “unmitigated evil” at their Transylvania-esque headquarters. In these two clips the Republican Party succeeds in renaming everything after Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole repeatedly refers to himself in third-person, and Strom Thurmond makes an appearance — as a really, really old man.

Al Gore’s daughter, Kristin Gore Cusack, used to write for Futurama, and Al Gore voiced himself in several episodes. In a spoof of AnInconvenient Truth Al Gore speaks at the Convention for the Cure of Global Warming. Gore is introduced as the inventor of the environment (instead of the Internet) and declares himself author of the best-selling book, “Harry Potter and the Balance of the Earth.” Now if only this scene had a LOTR allusion…

13. Dick Cheney shotgun jokes have officially achieved cliché status, but the incident was too hilarious for Family Guy to let die. The writers and animators showed Cheney cradling a shotgun and dropped a reference to his abysmal performance ratings. Asleep in a rocking chair, Dick mutters, “18 percent approval ratings. I’ll give you 18 percent of my foot in your ass.”

After a Muslim student moves into South Park, Cartman transforms into Jack Bauer in a spot-on 24 spoof featuring dramatic cell phone calls, over-reliance on sub-par technological wizardry, and a scene of scatological-related torture. A 24 episode wouldn’t be complete without a nuclear device — except this time it’s a suitcase nuke lodged in Hillary Clinton’s snizz. That’s right, a “snuke!”

In the American Dad episode “Bush Comes to Dinner,” Stan wins an essay contest and President Bush comes to dinner (bet you saw that one coming). After dinner Roger accidentally gets Bush tanked and the president escapes on the town. In a scene of Nostradamus-worthy prognosticating, the animators show a blitzed Bush caressing a very phallic Washington Monument while Hayley captures it on her cell phone. Aired three months before David Hasselhoff’s daughter released her footage of the drunk Baywatch star, the similarities are remarkable.

10. This cartoon clip is not actually excerpted from a television program, but it is based on the classic Hanna-Barbera Super Friends animated series from the late ‘70s, which merits its spot in the countdown. “Challenge” updates the Justice League and the Legion of Doom with contemporary politicians pitted at each other with — as usual — Earth’s survival in the balance. The new Justice League members—“The Green Solution” (Al Gore), “Captain United” (Barack Obama), “Reform-Girl” (Hillary Clinton) and “The Abitrator” (John Edwards) — wage war against the Legion of Doom’s evildoers: “Doctor Spin” (Karl Rove), “Petro-Man” (George Bush), “9 Lives” (Condoleezza Rice) and “$” (Dick Cheney).

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