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By DAVID MASHBURN  |  July 26, 2007

In this Family Guy episode, Bill Clinton and Peter spend most of the show imitating ‘90s stoners Bill and Ted. The writers finally start cracking political jokes when a furious Lois confronts Bill to force an end to his and Peter’s shenanigans; Bill immediately beds Lois. Then, when Peter confronts Bill, he ends up in bed with him, too. I know jokes about Bill Clinton as a sex-crazed fiend are nearly a decade old, but come on: What do Monica Lewinsky and a Coke machine have in common? They both say: “Insert Bill Here.” Whew! That felt good.

8. In the two-part American Dad episode, “Stan of Arabia,” Bush parachutes into Saudi Arabia and saves the family from stoning by bringing democracy and the three B’s to the Middle East: blue jeans, Bibles and beer. Bush cradles Stan in his arms while doves hang a “Mission Accomplished” banner over a Christmas tree. Then Stan wakes up and realizes everything was just a wonderful dream. There may have been a moral to this clip but those writers at American Dad are just so damn subtle.

7. When a friendless Al Gore warns the town of South Park about the dangers of ManBearPig, no one believes him. Stan feels sorry for Gore and they agree to go to the Cave of the Winds with him after he gets them excused from school. Hilarious, but unrelated to politics, Cartman swallows a pile of gold coins in the Cave only to learn they’re fake souvenirs worth $14. Here Al Gore is ranting about something unimportant but he’s still “super cereal” about it.

6. Peter stops by the Oval Office to entertain President Bush. Peter puts a red ball on his nose and dances for Bush, looking strangely similar to Patch Adams performing for sick children. Bush laughs uncontrollably until he knocks over his snow-globe. This scene really could have been written by manatees swimming in a tank full of idea balls. It’s Family Guy at its best and most pointless.

5. Wakko, Yakko, and Dot from the Animaniacs may be single-handedly responsible for causing ADD in an entire generation of children. In this segment they need a water tower full of Ritalin to calm them down. The creatures sing a catchy song naming all the presidents from Washington through Clinton. Warning: you’ll be singing this song all day. It’s catchier than presidential syphilis and twice as educational. 

4. In this Saturday Night Live “Fun with Real Audio” sketch, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford use superpowers they acquired at a celebrity golf tournament to develop a cartoon propaganda campaign supporting Bush’s war in Iraq. SpongeBob SquarePants and the Powerpuff Girls cameo as liberal-minded cartoon characters upset at the war-mongering ex-Presidents. The ex-Presidents are filmed beating up the Powerpuff Girls but Bush’s spin team saves the day and avoids a scandal by superimposing turbans on the girls. Bill Clinton also makes an appearance with former Baywatch babe Yasmine Bleeth to round out the reunion.

3. On Family Guy’s  “Bill and Peter’s Bogus Journey,” Bill plays DDR while singing “Barbie Girl.” There’s nothing else to say.

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