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By JOYCE MILLMAN  |  August 8, 2007

In the second episode, there’s an eloquent scene where Draper and his team brainstorm an ad campaign for Right Guard. Draper sits like a white-collar lord in his easy chair, legs crossed at the knee, taking thoughtful drags on his cigarette. When he speaks, the public and the private Don Draper become one. “Who buys this? Some woman. Your girl or your mother. . . . We should be asking ourselves, ‘What do women want?’ ” His team is silent as he continues musing, almost to himself, “You think they want a cowboy. He’s quiet and strong. He always brings the cattle home safe.” A flicker of doubt passes across his solidly handsome Gregory Peck features. “What if they want something else? Inside. Some mysterious wish that we’re ignoring.”

The beauty of Mad Men is that, like advertising itself, the characters speak about one thing and mean quite another.

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