Greater-than Sudoku XXVI

Psycho Sudoku!
By PSYCHO SUDOKU  |  December 17, 2008

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For this “Greater-Than Sudoku,” I’m not givin’ you any numbers to start off with! Adjoining squares in the grid’s 3-x-3 boxes have a greater-than sign (>) telling you which of the two numbers in those squares is larger. Fill in every square with a number from 1–9 using the greater-than signs as a guide. When you’re done, as in a normal Sudoku, every row, column, and 3-x-3 box will contain the numbers 1–9 only once. (Solving hint: look for the 1s and 9s in each box first, then move on to the 2s and 8s, and so on). It’s psychotic!

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