Greatest video-game tragedies of the last decade

 Zeroes from the Aughts
By LASER ORGY  |  January 20, 2010

4. Spore is not the next coming of Christ (2008)

Robin Williams messes around with Spore

Spore was to take Maxis and its Sim games to the next level, with what Will Wright dubbed "Creatiolutionism." He promised a game that would allow you to micromanage evolution itself, as players shaped wiggling sacks of protoplasm into multicellular organisms and, ultimately, galaxy-raiding interstellar conquerors. And in that respect, Spore delivered ... only we weren't prepared for how strangely dull that might be. After being bombarded by years of hype and the wacky-antics-larded shilling of Robin Williams, we were all foaming at the mouth to tear into this one when it finally hit shelves in September 2008. In the end, Spore failed to evolve into anything much more exciting than a Tinker Toy set -- and at least Tinker Toys don't come with hilariously restrictive DRM. We all got our kicks playing god for a few hours; made some Titzillas and Deku Babas and nightmarish Homer Simpson heads; conquered a few civilizations of peace-loving herbivores; and then, our attention spans spent, wandered off to do something else. Which is not entirely different from Wright's own career trajectory: since April 2009, he's abandoned EA in order to start a think tank called (ahem) Stupid Fun Club. As long as that doesn't slowly morph into the Tedious Fun Club, we're all set.

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