A dazzling passage to India

By GREG COOK  |  November 26, 2013

The Lovingers first visited Myanmar in the early ’70s with a seven-day visa and found travel there quite restricted. But the country is more accessible now, with 30-day visas. Even in the past few years, he says, tourism is booming and prices have doubled.

A Buddhist country, Jeff says Myanmar is “very mellow, very easygoing. I feel very safe there. One reason is it’s a military government so nobody’s going to step out of line.” He adds, “It’s really important for the people of Myanmar to know they’re not forgotten. It’s been a closed country for so many years.”

Gurli Lovinger contributes photos in Myanmar of red-robed boys studying in a monastery school; stone temples; and a boy with a woman in conical hat rowing a low wooden boat across the muddy brown waters of a lake. In India, she photographed a woman standing with her arms above her head to hold up a yellow and red sari to dry. Light glows through it form behind. And another striped textile billows in the wind behind her.

“They would put a dry sari on and stand and hold their sari up in the wind,” Gurli says, “and it dries in a short amount of time.”

It’s an example of how the couple’s photos are particularly attuned to light and vivid hues.

“India is such a colorful place,” Gurli says. “It’s such an exciting place to photograph.”

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