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Richard Ashcroft digs America

Soul mission
Quite a month for Brit-rock fans of a certain age, innit? Thus far, we've seen a new Radiohead disc, Liam Gallagher resurfacing with Beady Eye, and even a Primal Scream tour behind the 20th anniversary of Screamadelica (though only in the UK, sadly). Now comes ol' Mad Richard himself.  
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  March 24, 2011

Bodega Girls

Screw the Ides of March — beware Bodega Girls

Et Tu Bootay–licious
When music writers start playing the futures game, it's usually a good idea to take our prognostications with a grain of salt. That said, if there's one wager you can bet the house on this year, it's that Boston's Bodega Girls will spend 2011 on a giant winning streak, whether they like it or not. Lock it up.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  March 18, 2011


Entangled in the emotional pop of Eisley

You, me, and five Duprees  
Eisley are a bunch of damn hypocrites. Ever since the 2005 release of "Telescope Eyes," with its excruciatingly pitiable plea of "Please don't make me cry," they've been making their fans do exactly that.  
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  February 16, 2011


An (almost) A-to-Z guide to Boston

From Ben Affleck to Yawkey Way
Welcome to Boston, college kids.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  January 27, 2011


How the Decemberists ruined indie rock

Colin Meloy's crew have much to answer for
If you're a regular reader of the Phoenix's music section, you'll have noticed a decided uptick in the space devoted to electronic music here lately: electro, laptop lo-fi, chillwave, superstar DJs, and whatever other bullshit genre we're about to hype next week. There's a reason for that: all the writers here (myself especially) have horrible taste.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  January 26, 2011


Reflecting on the solo path of Faces on Film

The isolated chronicler
Has the musical landscape always been so glutted with nostalgia, or is it a condition specific to our peculiar period in time?
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  December 07, 2010


Free Energy stage a live dance party

Rock science
Bad news for people who like bad moods: Free Energy are about to ruin your shitty day.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  November 16, 2010


Kid Cudi | Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Good Music/Universal Motown (2010)
If nothing else, Kid Cudi continues to confound expectations of how the role of star rapper should be played.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  November 09, 2010


Barn Owl | Ancestral Star

Thrill Jockey (2010)
A quick heads-up to the folks at the Nature Channel or anyone working on one of those films about the formation of the Earth: this third LP from San Francisco instrumental duo Barn Owl has the type of glacially churning geological-genesis drone rock you're looking for in a soundtrack.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  November 02, 2010


Gold Panda | Lucky Shiner

Ghostly International (2010)
There are usually two options for electronic hip-hop records: mellow trip or study in complex head-buggery.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  October 19, 2010


Clinic | Bubblegum

Domino (2010)
The name Clinic has always suited the music of these wired-up, post-punk Brits.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  October 05, 2010


Sheila take a bow

A Divine night on Lansdowne for a local legend
It's a few hours before the Sheila Divine's free show at the Lansdowne Pub a week ago Thursday, part of WFNX's week-long Disorientation 2010 series.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  October 05, 2010


Review: Teen Daze | Four More Years

Arcade Sound Ltd. (2010)
Naming genres of music is a tricky business, but goddamn if they didn't nail it with this chillwave shit.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  September 07, 2010


A bright new sparkle

Marina and the Diamonds smarten up pop
Marina Diamandis is obsessed with the mess that's America. Or so she sings on "Hollywood," the first single from Marina and the Diamonds' breakthrough album, The Family Jewels (Atlantic).
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  August 24, 2010


Who's afraid of Memoryhouse?

Ontario dream-pop duo find inspiration in the library stacks
Sifting through music discs for literary references can often bear scant fruit.
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  August 08, 2010


Holy Ghost | Static on the Wire

DFA Records (2010)
Did I miss the release of a "my hipstamatic dance band" app for the iPhone in the past year or so?
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  July 28, 2010


Marina and the Diamonds | The Family Jewels

Chop Shop | 2010
You know those sci-fi dystopias where people strap themselves into little portable video pods and mainline TV feeds into their face until they become useless, pale husks incapable of feeding themselves?
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  July 13, 2010


Contemporary retro

The icy synth-pop purr of Class Actress
At what point does present-day genre saturation override a style's era of origin?
By: LUKE O'NEIL  |  July 09, 2010
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