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High Places | Original Colors

Thrill Jockey (2011)
High Places have changed their sound a great deal since their cool ride together began five years ago with a fresh breeze of homespun sounds, household percussion, and trickling vocals.  
By: JONATHAN DONALDSON  |  October 04, 2011


Ryan Adams | Ashes & Fire

PAX-AM/Capitol (2011)
Historically, Ryan Adams has released, via labels or for download, every idea he's put down on tape.
By: MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  |  October 04, 2011


Sleep ∞ Over | Forever

Hippos In Tanks (2011)
Of all the underground scenes causing a stir in the online music community, the sleepy lo-fi that's been coming out of Austin might be the least effervescent.
By: PATRICK MCDERMOTT  |  October 04, 2011


Balam Acab | Wander/Wonder

Tri Angle (2011)
"Witch house" isn't the best tag for an act to get saddled with straight out of the gate, and when Balam Acab's first EP, See Birds, dropped about a year ago, that term had less of its current flash-in-the-pan feel.
By: ANDREW GRAHAM  |  September 27, 2011


Bjork | Biophilia

Nonesuch (2011)
What the hell is Biophilia ?
By: RYAN REED  |  September 27, 2011


Dum Dum Girls | Only In Dreams

Sub Pop (2011)
Kristin Gundred, a/k/a Dee Dee, is no actual dum dum, so she made good where Vivian Girls didn't.
By: DAN WEISS  |  September 27, 2011


Misfits | The Devil's Rain

Misfits Records (2011)
The reason there hasn't been a new Misfits record of all original material in a dozen years is because without Glenn Danzig, it's just not the Misfits.
By: MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  |  September 27, 2011


The Good Natured | Skeleton

Astralwerks (2011)
The seven-song Skeleton EP is a combination of two previous import EPs, sounding already like an immediate best-of, compiling six Good Natured studio tracks and a (throwaway) remix.
By: MICHAEL MAROTTA  |  September 27, 2011


Wilco | The Whole Love

dBpm (2011)
Wilco's evolution from Uncle Tupelo detritus to post-Americana thinking-man's jam band goes two steps back on their eighth studio album, and that's a good thing.
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  September 27, 2011


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah | Hysterical

Red General Catalog (2011)
Deploying the magic touch of indie producer-superhero John Congleton, these five musicians have never sounded more like a rock band, and these 12 spacious, dreamy excursions benefit from the added muscle.
By: RYAN REED  |  September 20, 2011


Das Racist | Relax

Greedhead (2011)
They still have jokes for days, but lyrical dexterity has taken precedence on their debut LP.
By: MICHAEL C. WALSH  |  September 20, 2011


Evidence | Cats & Dogs

Rhymesayers (2011)
As competent as Evidence has always been with mic skills, he's no lyrical miracle.
By: CHRIS FARAONE  |  September 20, 2011


Kasabian | Velociraptor!

RCA/Columbia (2011)
Four records in and Kasabian are still dodging that lazy comparison to Oasis, which is based mainly on their healthy egos and partly on how singer Tom Meighan sometimes pulls off the best Liam Gallagher sneer since Be Here Now — look no further than the way he stretches syllables on the cocksure, bass-driven "Re-Wired."
By: MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  |  September 20, 2011


The Mekons | Ancient & Modern

Bloodshot (2011)
Considering that the Mekons have made almost 20 albums and have been around since CHiPS debuted on television (1977), they are keeping it pretty fresh.
By: JONATHAN DONALDSON  |  September 20, 2011


Twin Sister | In Heaven

Domino (2011)
It's one of 2011's finest pop records: 10 tracks of dreamy, weirdo hi-fi pop that grooves, sparkles, and hums with clipped beats and smooth drums.
By: LIZ PELLY  |  September 20, 2011


Squarehead | Yeah Nothing

Richter Collective (2011)
Amidst Dublin's vibrant musical underground of DIY labels like Popical Island and Richter Collective, this debut long-player by surf-pop trio Squarehead is one of the city's most anticipated 2011 indie releases.
By: LIZ PELLY  |  September 13, 2011


St. Vincent | Strange Mercy

4AD (2011)
The pretty/ugly dichotomy at the heart of Annie Clark's St. Vincent moniker is in full tug-of-war on her third and most challenging full-length.
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  September 13, 2011


Wild Flag | Wild Flag

Merge (2011)
It's not quite a Sleater-Kinney reunion, but those who have missed the band since their 2005 swan song, The Woods , should be thrilled with Wild Flag.
By: NICK A. ZAINO III  |  September 13, 2011


Apathy | Honkey Kong

Dirty Version (2011)
Apathy spent too much time on major-label shelves to release garbage.
By: CHRIS FARAONE  |  September 14, 2011


Girls | Father, Son, Holy Ghost

True Panther Sounds/Matador (2011)
The reason Father, Son, Holy Ghost is so uniquely, imperfectly swell is because the band plainly give fuck-all about convention or stylistic uniformity.
By: ALEXANDRA CAVALLO  |  September 13, 2011


Mates of State | Mountaintops

Barsuk (2011)
As the sequenced synths and handsome beats unfold, matched in merriment by the husband-and-wife vocals of Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner, your mind is miles away from the raging fires of the underworld.
By: RYAN REED  |  September 13, 2011

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