Ciccone is now saying that the police got it all wrong, but he will not provide details. P&J have always found it useful — and we're certain that any number of fine and upstanding gentlemen at the ACI will attest to this opinion — to very publicly accuse the police of being liars. The odds of the cops saying, "Oops, oh yeah, he's right, we really screwed this one up" match the odds of that Mega Millions ticket you bought coming home a winner.

Perhaps it is time to re-name the Senate Lounge at the State House Spaccone City. Rubbers and Frank would be proud.


Bruce Lang passed away last week, a man who contributed much to his state, a true patriot. The Other Paper published a very thoughtful "Passages" article about Bruce but, unfortunately, printed a photograph of Victor Moffitt instead of Bruce. The next day, the paper of record republished its remembrance of Bruce with the correct photograph, a sad commentary on the diminishing "institutional memory" of our daily newspaper.

After an early stint with CBS in New York, Bruce returned to the Biggest Little, where he ran Lang's Bowlarama (home of the Susan Farmer/Phillipe & Jorge Bowling Tournament in the '80s) and helped his son launch Lang Naturals, a natural foods business. He later became involved in state government, working with Governor Almond in the science and technology field.

His crowning achievement was founding Operation Clean Government, the watchdog organization that clamored for smarter, more open government. Bruce gave a lot to his state and we should all be grateful. Our condolences to his family and many friends.


It is the little things that really get Phillipe and Jorge angry, since there isn't a whole lot you can do, it seems, about major affronts.

One habit that has had our knickers in a twist for a while is the constant use of the phrase "try and (do something)" rather than the more correct "try to (do something)."

This ghastly twisting of the language popped out at us in a recent article about Mitt Romney, reported by the Associated Press, which provided a perfect example of incorrect usage. The piece was on the Mittster's weakness for painfully unfunny lines.

The AP wrote, "That may be why Romney's aides sent him to 'The Tonight Show' this past week with these instructions: 'Don't try and be funny.' " This phrase, taken literally, means to give no effort and to attempt to get big yucks — just about the exact opposite of Robot Romney's aides' real message to the candidate.

This rant clearly stems from P&J watching too many supposedly intelligent TV news talking heads and moron sports reporters and athletes attempting to speak English. That's on us. But please, cease and desist, people!

Next week's patronizing pedantry focuses on the word "meme." While useful, it appears that you are simply not allowed to write for the New York Times, New Yorker, or any self-styled "intelligent" publication without using it at least once per paragraph. Meme this.


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