Various readers , via Facebook comments

Steven McLoy

Phoenix has been part of my reading life since the 80s. As the other paper (P&J: “Urinal”) has become a nothing, the Phoenix has been there. It has punch. Thank you.

Beth Comery

I just hope that when I die it will be worthy of mention in “Phillipe + Jorge’s Cold, Cold Slab.” That’s how you know you’ve made it in this town.

Greg Katzen

Perusing the adult section during breakfasts at Barney’s Bagels helped usher me into manhood.

Jim Taricani

Good writing, interesting stories, and of course Philipe and Jorge.

Robin Amer , former freelancer, via Twitter [@rsamer:]

Happy 35th, @provphoenix! As indie weeklies elsewhere scale back or disappear, I’m really glad you’re still around.

I always thought a great alt weekly should make you love the city you lived in. @provphoenix definitely did that for me.

Plus, @provphoenix gave me my first clips in print as a young reporter! My editor was @IanDon and he was great. Totally took a chance on me.

Providence was small enough that no one was really covering development, even at the ProJo. I wanted to, and @provphoenix let me.

I wrote a few feature stories on mill redevelopment for @provphoenix after I finished my hour long radio doc, Reconstructing Providence.

I pulled an all-nighter writing about mills in Pawtucket for @provphoenix. The next morning, @IanDon pushed back my deadline, haha.

I also wrote what I would like to think is one of the first features about the resurgence of roller derby for @provphoenix in like 2004.

Try not to judge me too harshly for those early

@provphoenix clips. . . I was like, 21!

Festival Ballet Providence , via Twitter

@provphoenix A city with great arts deserves a press with great coverage of it. At its core, the Phoenix is committed to that ideal.


Of course, it wouldn’t be social media without a few #haters. In October, when we tweeted “In 140 characters or less, what does the @provphoenix mean to you?” we received the following response from a user named @johnirwin_john: “@provphoenix Liberalpoliticallycorrectanticatholicantibluecollarworkerpredictability....yawn...”
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