Remembering David Lamb

By PHOENIX STAFF  |  April 10, 2014


On Monday, MorganEve Swain answered a few questions via email:

The second diagnosis around must have blindsided both of you. How was Dave feeling just prior to getting the bad news again? The second diagnosis blindsided everyone, including the doctors. Prior to beginning to feel run-down again about a week before the relapse, Dave had been feeling more energetic than he had in months. He was spending almost all of his time playing drums and re-recording parts on the songs that we’d written since September, and we were actively planning to record our next album this month.

Getting back to making music must have been a great spiritual lift for him. Dave never really stopped making music. There were certainly times when he was just to weak and tired to physically do it, but even then he was thinking about it. I used to tease him about it — he’d space out sometimes and I’d ask, “What are you thinking about?” and he’d always be like, “Uh, oh...well, you know that drum part? I was just thinking that maybe it should go like this instead....” And we would’ve been in the middle of a different conversation, or watching a movie or something.

We also always had our instruments with us at the hospital. I bought us each a little practice amp, and as soon as he was feeling strong enough for it we’d be working on new material. The nurses always got a kick out of coming into his room and finding me on electric bass and Dave on guitar — in a hospital bed and gown.

Who was with you two during his final hours? This whole hellish week, we were just absolutely blessed with support. Both our families were there with us from day one, and an incredible group of friends and neighbors who arrived with food and coffee and blankets and water. The Lamb/Swain group took over the entire floor of the ICU. By Friday night we’d seen at least 100 people come through, and had a group as large as 60 at one time. This sort of support was more than I could ever have hoped for, or even knew I needed. Dave was a true beacon of light, humility, creativity, and love — all of that was reflected in the friends who were there with us.

To honor the memory of Dave Lamb, make a donation to the Be the Match Foundation, which provides marrow transplants to patients with leukemia, aplastic anemia, and other diseases. Go to

Go to to see photographs from the “Celebrating David Lamb” event at the Columbus Theatre on April 8.

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