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Chinatown Hypnosis Case Bull, Says Renowned Mentalist

Not so amazing
Not so amazing
By: EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  May 16, 2012


Watertown vs. Walmart

Thinking Outside the Big Box
Some 75 people stand holding signs along Watertown's Arsenal Street on Saturday morning as Mike Mandel shouts their goal: to keep Walmart from moving in up the road.
By: GREG COOK  |  May 07, 2012


Looney Tunes' new home

As the Vinyl Turns
Pat McGrath is a realist.
By: TOM KIELTY  |  May 02, 2012


Occupy buries capitalism

Rest in pieces
Seattle Occupiers threw bricks through windows. Oakland anarchists got tear-gassed. Chicago protesters shut down five Bank of Americas.
By:  |  May 02, 2012


An app for autism

Tech to speech  
This month marks the second anniversary of Apple's first public iPad release.
By: ARIEL SHEARER  |  April 19, 2012


Mitt bulks up

Up to Old Tricks Dept.
If there's one thing the Mitt Romney team excels at, it's manipulating campaign-finance rules.
By: DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  April 18, 2012


Bill Murray's bag job

Live from Suffolk  
When Bill Murray walked onstage to deliver the opening remarks at a Suffolk University award ceremony last Tuesday, he carried with him an unmarked paper shopping bag.
By: EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  April 04, 2012


BU's bad joke

April Fools
In the April Fool's Day issue of Boston University's Daily Free Press, sorority girls get roofied and raped, one female student gets "gang-banged" by an entire fraternity, and a hockey player gets arrested for walking around with his pants down.  
By: LIZ PELLY  |  April 04, 2012


A moment of illumination

Film matters
Last Friday, Brandeis University brought together two legends of nonfiction filmmaking: Errol Morris and Claude Lanzmann.
By: BETSY SHERMAN  |  March 29, 2012


Everything Is Terrible sics ''DoggieWoggiez! PoochieWoochiez!'' on the Coolidge

Worst in show?
For a concise introduction to Everything Is Terrible, look up "Nightmare on Drug Street" on YouTube.
By: EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  March 26, 2012


St. Patrick’s Day v. Gays

March madness
You wouldn't know it from this past weekend's green-beer bonanza, but South Boston is changing: real-estate prices are on the rise, and longtime residents are being squeezed out as a more affluent — and, as I wrote about in 2009, often more gay — demographic takes hold.  
By: ERICA CORSANO  |  March 21, 2012


Cameroon foundation gets fabulous

ONE Love
A drag queen named Tiffany Whispers strokes her bubblegum-pink wig and smiles at me as I hand my coat off to be checked. "Don't you just love Africa?" she says, and winks before taking another sip of her drink, her frosty lipstick leaving a mark on the straw.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  March 14, 2012


For Cherie King, paid employment doesn't bring shelter

The working homeless
According to a 2011 survey by the US Department of Mayors, Boston's homelessness rate is in moderate decline. Still, the plight of the working, struggling people on the street remains a real one.
By: CHRIS FARAONE  |  March 07, 2012

TJI: Mass Pirate Party Conference

Putting the 'Arrrr' in DRM

Booty Call
Forget Talk Like a Pirate Day. In the 2012 elections, November 6 will be Vote Like a Pirate Day — if you happened to have joined a growing number of hackers and Internet activists and registered as a member of the Massachusetts Pirate Party (MAPP).
By: ARIEL SHEARER  |  March 07, 2012


Occupy Boston: the movie!

Love story
John Forrester spent the past five months filming and editing two terabytes of raw digital Occupy Boston footage, captured between late September and December 2011.
By: ARIEL SHEARER  |  February 29, 2012


Telling Jessie's story

The soul inside
Julie Ross didn't always plan to blog about her experience as the mother of a 10-year-old transgender child named Jessie (who, until her 10th birthday in 2011, was known as George).
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  March 05, 2012


Bridgewater campus rallies against assault

Hate Crimes
On Tuesday, less than a week after a lesbian undergraduate was allegedly assaulted on campus, around 400 students, faculty, and community members marched at Bridgewater State University in support of LGBT students.
By: EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  February 22, 2012


Reel-to-reel: A long-lost Malcolm X speech recovered

History Dept.
I was born just two years before Spike Lee's 1992 biopic about Malcolm X and starting in kindergarten, I have faced the question in an almost endless loop: are you named after him?
By: MALCOLM BURNLEY  |  February 16, 2012


Activists rail at the T

Bumpy Ride Dept.
The latest theater in the war against MBTA fare hikes and service cuts opened with a bang this week, as activists stormed every corner of the subway map.
By: CHRIS FARAONE  |  February 15, 2012


Twenty-nine-year-old Buddhist teacher Lodro Rinzler is the cool kid's Buddhist.

The sound of one hand clapping
In his new book, Rinzler spells out mindful compassion for the millennial set, making room for one-night stands and cocktails on the weekend.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  February 08, 2012

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