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By  |  April 24, 2006


The five best . . .

Superman/Action Comics
A crossover, and the only home run of One Year Later: Clark Kent hasn’t been Superman for a year. An ingenious plot, and a great starting point.

Birds of Prey
The Birds, radically changed, try to bring in a defector from the villains’ team. Crammed with plot, and a treat for long-time fans.

Formerly Hawkman , now a horror title. Howard Chaykin’s grainy, stylized artwork is terrific. Too bad the plot makes so little sense.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes
Considering this is a blatant contrivance to graft Supergirl onto the 1000-years-in-the-future team, it’s surprisingly fun, and the cliffhanger is very clever.

Detective Comics/Batman
A crossover: Batman is back in Gotham City, and somebody is murdering his old enemies. Designed to restore the old status quo. 

and worst . . .

Blood of the Demon
Sadistic, addle-pated horror that barely acknowledges a yearlong gap — or offers any means of access to new readers.

There are two Nightwings running around, one a murderous imposter. Insultingly stupid, violent, and, if you haven’t been following the “Red Hood” story line in Batman, confounding.

One of those Nightwings is leading a covert action team into Mali. Nothing but setup, bluster, and pose-striking.

Green Arrow
Rote superdude action that gives away its “shock ending” on the cover: Green Arrow’s secret identity has been elected mayor. 

Firestorm: The Nuclear Man
Firestorm has mysteriously merged with Firehawk, and all the explosions in the world can’t make us care.

Phoenix Literary Supplement

How to speak Yiddish: from the Talmud to tukhes and back. By Josh Kun

Med noir: the bloody Continental take on an American genre. By Dana Kletter

An icon's icon: death becomes all superstars. By Peter Kadzis

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