Interview: David Foster Wallace

By TOM SCOCCA  |  November 30, 2010

You do your stuff by typewriter?
I mostly typewrite. Some of the magazine stuff I did on disk, because you learn that the magazines very often will ask for a disk. And there's this great term they use: they say, Well, we'll just take the disk and massage it. I still can't get them to be entirely clear what "massage" means. I guess it means, like, changing the formats or something. I think it's a terrific term to use for a disk.

But basically, I can type and I can save stuff onto disk, and that's just about it, in terms of computers. I feel like an old fogy.

Good luck on this. You're going to exceed whatever word limit, I'll bet.

Yeah. Well, we're just going to take the whole tape and, you know, cut it down into something that --
Just massage the tape.

We're going to massage the tape.

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