Like what?
I just think there's not a lot of women on late night writing stuff — except for Chelsea Lately of course — not a lot of women are doing spots on shows like Jimmy Fallon or Conan, and I'm not saying it's because of sexism, but it's definitely not the same reasons SXSW doesn't have it. Comedy Central is another one, where there is not a lot of diversity in terms of the type of women they give hour specials to. That to me is more shocking than a pay-to-play festival.

Why is that the case?
I think most networks will say, "We're catering to the male audience 18-34, especially young kids these days; if they don't directly relate to it then they don't care." And I think that's a myth. A lot of my fans are male. And every time I perform, I see men under the age of 25 in the audience. Comedy Central has not given me an hour special — and I feel weird saying something bad about them, I was just on one of their shows, John Oliver's New York Stand-up Show, which is going to air some time in March or May — but as far as giving me a half-hour special, they have said, and this could be an excuse, "Our demographic doesn't want to hear what you talk about because you talk about marriage in your act." But that's just a bunch of BS. The only material I do about marriage is about how I'm afraid I might murder my husband. To me, that's a very funny and irreverent way to talk about marriage. I could shoot down all of their reasons in two seconds. If their audience heard the way these networks talk about them, they'd shut the channels off and never watch it again. They're so insulting, they're so hateful to the people they're selling to.

I've never heard any word of discouragement from the Conan or Jimmy Fallon people. I just know I've showcased for them multiple times and I've never landed a spot on their shows, but most of my male peers have, whether they have less experience than me or the same amount.

You have a pretty interactive relationship online with your fans — what are some of the weirdest things people have said to you?
I get a lot of advice. A lot of comedians, we all experience this, just like, "You should have your own show!" It sounds like you have 47 aunts and uncles saying stupid shit. Yes, I would like my own show! It's funny, when you interact with fans, you realize how they think show business works and how they really do think it's a system where people at the top come up with an idea and hand it to you, and not that like, I have pitched tons of shows and it doesn't work out. Or, "You should come and perform in blah blah blah." Yes, I have thought of that. It's very nice, but it's a lot of suggestions that I used to hear once a year from my family at Christmas parties and now people are emailing me directly.

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