YOU'RE ALL SET UP. Yeah, the place that I go — and I'm not telling you where it is in the 19th century — it's kind of my secret, because they have very reasonable prices and I like the guy a lot — it's a 19th century suit store, and then there's a tailor who works out of there who is up the street from a haberdasher who I like a lot as well. And then I obviously go and get a straight razor shave while I'm there.

WELL, YOU CAN'T WEAR A SUIT LIKE THAT WITHOUT A STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVE. IT SEEMS LIKE THAT GOES WITHOUT SAYING. Very nice man from Italy who gives my straight razor shave, when I'm in the 19th century.

GOOD TO KNOW. SO WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU'RE ON STAGEDOING YOUR STANDUP AND YOU CATCH SOMEONE IN THE AUDIENCE WHO'S JUST NOT HAVING A GOOD TIME? DOES THAT THROW YOU OFF? Here is a little tip from me, a standup comedian, to any other standup comedians. I try not to spend too much time looking at people's faces. It makes me self conscious. I look just above their heads. Sometimes there will be someone I need to engage for whatever reason, but rarely will I point to the sourpuss and say " hey sourpuss, quit sourpussing." In fact, I don't think I've ever done that. Because I know that when I go to see comedy, I rarely laugh. But that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying myself. It's just that I'm not the most emotive of people. So I don't necessarily bust a gut when I'm watching comedy, but I could be enjoying myself very much. And I don't think sour pusses are necessarily being a sour puss. Maybe this sourpuss had a fight with his sourpuss wife.

OR MAYBE HE JUST WORE A BIG HOLE IN THE SEAT OF HIS 19TH CENTURY SUIT. Oh, I hope not, He's got to find a good tailor, if he's done that. And I can recommend one.

HAVE YOU EVER HAD ANY HECKLERS? Almost never do I get the kind of heckling do you associate with hecklers, meaning people throwing negatives and insults my way. But a lot of times I get people who are just sort of loud, or drunk, or want to communicate. I don't necessarily want to communicate. But I can deal with that fine.

DO YOU EVER HECKLE BACK, OR DO YOU JUST BRUSH IT OFF? The problem is, you can't really ignore them, cause they're ruining the show for other people, so you have to engage it on some level. And it can quickly escalate into a less than desirable situation for them. But generally people get the idea that when a comedian tells you to shut the fuck up, they should probably shut the fuck up.

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