DO YOU PREFER DOING "WEEKEND UPDATE" ALONE, OR DO YOU MISS AMY POEHLER? My preference is to do it with Amy Poehler. And it's been so great the times she's come back. [But] doing it alone has its advantages. We've tried to make it a priority to have really fun guests come out so people aren't just stuck with me for the whole segment. But Amy and I always laugh because when we would do it together, if you told a joke that didn't work and then your co-anchor told two jokes that did work, you can definitely be sitting there going, "I hate you. I hate you and I want you out of here."

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN STARSTRUCK BY ANSNL GUEST? Oh, definitely. It happens a lot. The thing about a host is that over the course of the week you have to deal with them so much that the starstruck-ness will wear off. And then sometimes there's a weird thing like at the afterparty, you have to tell them that the whole week you've been losing your mind . . . It's 3 in the morning and you finally work up the nerve to tell Helen Mirren that meeting her was one of the great thrills of your life [laughs].

The musicians, because you spend less time with them, they're the ones you can still get really starstruck by. And I still remember meeting Springsteen. You know, this really brief moment that's sort of burned into my consciousness, it's a thing I still can't believe happened.

WHAT KIND OF MATERIAL DO YOU DO IN YOUR STANDUP ACT? IS IT PERSONAL? It's sort of a mix between both current events and personal. There are the kind of jokes you could tell on "Weekend Update" and there's also the kind of jokes you can't — anecdotes about your life or things that are happening that would be sort of indulgent if you spent your time on "Update" talking about them.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO NEWPORT BEFORE? I've never been to Newport. Growing up in New England I think that's pretty weird. I kind of blame the people of Newport, no one who lived there ever invited me.

YOU'RE A BOSTON SPORTS FAN, RIGHT? I am a Boston sports fan. I'm a big Red Sox and Celtics fan. My dad grew up in Pittsburgh so we had to be Steelers fans. Although meeting Tom Brady was like, "Oh yeah, this is the coolest dude I've ever met in my whole life." I went from "I hate Tom Brady" to "I want to be Tom Brady's friend."

SO HOSTING THE ESPYS MUST HAVE BEEN A THRILL. It was great. It's so exciting because unlike other award shows, you don't feel like the audience is particularly tense about who's gonna win. Anyone who gets nominated for an ESPY has accomplished something more important to them than winning an ESPY. It's not like Drew Brees [says], "I won the Super Bowl, and now if only I could win the ESPY then my year would be complete."

WHAT WAS MORE INTIMIDATING, HOSTING THE ESPYS OR THE WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS' DINNER? The Correspondents' Dinner was definitely the most intimidating audience I've ever performed for. Especially because the President is kind of in the audience, but he's kind of sitting right next to you. No one at the ESPYs could revoke my citizenship or send the IRS after me.

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