I was an event coordinator and marketing person for a movie theater. I went to college for a marketing degree and a radio broadcasting degree. Now I owe a lot of money and that's about it. But no, it has helped the career. I enjoyed it, but I like being creative and getting things out. Radio sucked the creativity out of it. It was like, be funny be funny! but don't say anything. Don't have an opinion. Just keep it to I got caught in the rain yesterday, blah! Stuff like that. I don't know, 9 to 5...I just don't know how to do it. Does that sound arrogant?

No, I mean, you're not alone. I think that's the case for a lot of people.

I see my wife go to work every day, and she has a fulfilling job and she's happy. And there are times when I have to drive to a scary hotel in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania for a weekend and feel like I'd really like the idea of having a desk and somewhere to go and knowing you're going to be there tomorrow. In comedy, it's just who knows. But this is all I can do now. I'm screwed. (laughs) I don't think I'm gonna get a job being like, hey listen, I headlined in London, so you should probably give me really good dental!

I just watched the video on your tumblr of Patton Oswalt's lowest moment and I wondered if you had anything you'd like to share that was comparable.

Oh boy. I've had someone take a swing at me. I was doing a joke that I'm going to do on the album. It's not offensive. The whole idea is that I want to make people think. I do very irreverent silly stuff and then sneak in an opinion every once in a while, because I think the best way you can get new thoughts into someone's head is with laughter. It just trojan-horses past their defenses. And when they leave, something clicks and they're introduced to an opinion that they would normally be defensive about. So this silly joke that I do is about gay marriage, — and I'm pro gay marriage — but it's just about the way someone said their opinion to me. (Actual joke redacted). So the bit is fun, I'm making fun of this one guy, and I'm taking it to an absurd level. I mean, as soon as I say "gay marriage", I can see people in the crowd tighten up or clap — there's all sorts of different opinions. And they all laugh, they all enjoy the joke at some level, and that's great. But this one couple from the county took offense to the joke and were like you're disgusting, how can you talk about that! And I was just like, it's a joke. And this guy, he was so drunk, he just points at me and goes, you suck. And I'm like, yeah, I'm gay, that's the joke. And I'm not gay, it was just one of those replies, but he was so offended! He cocked back and took a swing but he was so drunk he couldn't do anything. I don't know if that's my low point story, but...

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