Interview: Louis CK

By MIKE MILIARD  |  March 12, 2009

Leaving stand-up for movies is risky business. I read a interview of yours where you talked about Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, saying they've "only made three good movies between them in the past 25 years. All I can think of is how much time those guys wasted on the set."
Those are two guys, I mean Eddie's somebody who it did work for ... he made a massive amounts of great movies. Richard Pryor, too, I love his movies. Steve Martin's latest movies? I haven't laughed at him in a long time. I miss laughing at Steve Martin. But, yeah, these guys did great things as stand-ups and some of them moved into movies, and I dunno... I don't think it's an automatic graduation from standup. And also people kind of look at it like, oh, they did a few years of stand-up and moved on. These people had huge long careers as comedians. It's like I used to say, my parents got divorced, and I'd say, "Oh, I'd never do that." Well, my dad did, y'know. I used to say, "I'm a better dad than my dad was, because I'm still living with my family." But my dad had four kids; I have two and the oldest one's seven. And I'm divorced. The point is, you don't know until the end of your life what you end up doing. Maybe I'll be in some goofy family movie in a year, who knows?

Talk about your role in the forthcoming Ricky Gervais movie,This Side of the Truth.
That was a great time, we filmed that up in Lowell, actually. And I was training for my special at the time, and I was working out with Mickey Ward, this great boxer who lives in Lowell. I was working with Mickey in the night, and doing stand-up, and then I was shooting during the day, so I was having one of the best times ever. And I also had a connection for tickets to sports shit, so I was going to Celtics playoff games and sitting on the floor! And going to Red Sox games for dinner. I remember one day we were on the set, and I got off early from shooting the movie, and I said, hey, can you get me tickets to the Red Sox game? And I had a show that night in Boston but I just went to Fenway Park to just have dinner. Like, ate a sausage while I watched four innings. I went there like it was a restaurant. [Laughs] And sat on the Green Monster, like the front row of the Green Monster. Just to get a bite, like it was a lunch counter! That was really like the fantasy of being in Boston I had when I was a kid. I used to go to Boston by taking a bus, like I used to walk from Newton to Watertown, which took an hour and a half, and take a fucking bus to from Watertown to Allston and Brighton, into Kenmore Square, and I'd get a standing room ticket for like a dollar-fifty, and I'd stand in the hot and watch the Red Sox. And there was no bottles of water back then, I remember just being really dehydrated with sores in my mouth by the time I got home. So to be in Boston, shooting a movie and like fucking going like a VIP to Fenway Park and then walking in a comedy club and going onstage, and then watching the Celtics win the fucking championship? Jesus, it was pretty great.

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