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Man Ray and Lee Miller at the Peabody Essex Museum

 L'amour fou
"Man Ray | Lee Miller, Partners in Surrealism," organized by curator Phillip Prodger at the Peabody Essex Museum, is an impressive exhibit of 76 photos, paintings, sculptures, and letters that came out of their steamy three-year affair, plus art by their pals — Picasso, Calder, Le Corbusier.  
By: GREG COOK  |  June 24, 2011

summer art gallery and museum events around boston and new england

The must-see art of the summer

Season of surreality
Summer art in New England means driving up Route 1 in Maine with the car windows down, past the odd and amazing roadside metal giraffes and caterpillars, and discovering — as I did a few summers back — a nondescript house that turns out to be Fawcett's Antique Toy & Art Museum.
By: GREG COOK  |  June 10, 2011


Slideshow: Andy Goldsworthy and Ursula von Rydingsvard at the DeCordova

DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum | Installations from May 29, 2011
The DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum hosts two new artists' installations starting May 29, 2011: Andy Goldsworthy's "Snow" and sculptures by Ursula von Rydingsvard.
By: PHOENIX STAFF  |  June 02, 2011

arts list g

DeCordova looks ahead with Andy Goldsworthy and Ursula von Rydingsvard

Digging in
Goldsworthy straddles land art and environmental art.
By: GREG COOK  |  June 02, 2011

pf list

Pulp art at the Brooks School

Thrilling, fascinating, different!
A tank with a giant drill on the front erupts from under the street of a burning city.  
By: GREG COOK  |  May 23, 2011

cyberarts list

The Boston Cyberarts Fest needs a reboot

It's a quiet morning along the Rose Kennedy Greenway when I meet Mark Skwarek — a shaggy-haired New Yorker in a Spider-Man T-shirt and Puma sneakers — to check out his latest project, Occupation Forces.  
By: GREG COOK  |  May 09, 2011

opie list

Catherine Opie and 'The Record' at the ICA

Bearing witness and baring vinyl
Catherine Opie first became known in the early '90s for blunt lesbian self-portraits and posed photos of the queer community.  
By: GREG COOK  |  April 26, 2011

glass art at MFA by Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly's glass wonderlands, plus Shellburne Thurber

No competition
Back in 1995, Seattle sculptor Dale Chihuly was in Finland creating glass chandeliers to be suspended over the canals of Venice in a major outdoor installation the following year.  
By: GREG COOK  |  June 02, 2011


Slideshow: Chihuly: Through The Looking Glass at Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts | Through August 7, 2011
The Museum of FIne Arts hosts "Chihuly: Through The Looking Glass" through August 7, 2011.
By: CHIHULY STUDIO  |  June 02, 2011


Slideshow: 'El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote to You about Africa' at the Davis Museum

Davis Museum | March 30–June 26, 2011
El Anatsui's exhibit, "When I Last Wrote to You about Africa," is at the Davis Museum from March 30 through June 26, 2011.
By: EL ANATSUI  |  April 12, 2011

Anatsui list

El Anatsui shows why he's one of the best

It was around 1999 when El Anatsui found a found a bag of milk-tin lids, and then a bag of bottle caps.
By: GREG COOK  |  April 12, 2011


Photos: ''Bumpkin Forward'' Reception at Mobius

"Bumpkin Forward" reception | Mobius | April 2, 2011
The reception for the "Bumpkin Forward" exhibit on Bumpkin Island comes to Mobius on April 2, 2011. Sara June and Max Lord do a performance art piece, preceded by a talk by Cara Brostrom.
By: DEREK KOUYOUMJIAN  |  April 05, 2011


Using art to transform the Harvard Museum of Natural History — for one night

Animal house
While visiting Berlin's Museum Für Naturkunde, Boston architect Lisa Haber-Thomson felt a pang for a simpler era.
By: EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  March 30, 2011


Slideshow: ''Stan VanDerBeek: The Culture Intercom'' at the MIT List Visual Arts Center

Stan VanDerBeek | MIT List Visual Arts Center | Through April 3
Images from ''Stan VanDerBeek: The Culture Intercom'' at the MIT List Visual Arts Center.
By: STAN VANDERBEEK  |  March 24, 2011


The proto-web utopian consciousness of Stan VanDerBeek

Psychadelic, man!
In April 1966, sheriff's deputies were hiding in bushes, peering into a mansion that had been turned into a headquarters and commune for LSD guru Timothy Leary and his pals at Millbrook, New York.
By: GREG COOK  |  March 24, 2011

Inauguration portrait by Catherine Opie

Too much of a good thing in museums and galleries this Spring

Big Three plus
This spring brings major exhibits by three of the biggest names in contemporary art.
By: GREG COOK  |  March 15, 2011

Still Life

The Van Otterloo collection at the Peabody Essex Museum

Solid gold
Some years back, Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo began collecting horse carriages, until they completely filled their New Hampshire barn.
By: GREG COOK  |  March 02, 2011


Photos: Golden: Dutch and Flemish masterworks

 Peabody Essex Museum | East India Square, Salem | Through June 19
The Van Otterloo collection at the Peabody Essex Museum
By: PHOENIX STAFF  |  March 02, 2011


Gabriel Kuri and Francis Alÿs look at the ordinary

Magical thinking
It feels a bit like the art-world version of some twins-separated-at-birth Disney comedy: one artist born in Mexico who lives in Belgium, and one born in Belgium who lives in Mexico.  
By: GREG COOK  |  February 22, 2011


Review: Gorey at the Athenæum, animation at MassArt

Cartoon network
In Edward Gorey's old-timey illustrated books, parents leave on an excursion and never return, friends enter a tunnel and never come out, a mother falls ill and dies, a man driving around searching for his lost daughter runs over her with his car, a peculiar bird appears at a house and stays for 17 years.
By: GREG COOK  |  February 18, 2011


Photos: Ancient weaponry at the Higgins Armory Museum

Higgins Armory Museum | February 12, 2011
Ancient weaponry on display at the Higgins Armory Museum.
By: DEREK KOUYOUMJIAN  |  February 15, 2011

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