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Fie, society

The Little Dog Laughed  at SpeakEasy; The Misanthrope at New Rep
Frailty, thy name is society — or so suggest two comedies of manners currently on view but written 340 years apart.
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  January 22, 2008


War games

The Huntington’s  Third ; the ART’s Copenhagen ; ASP’s Henry V
Wendy Wasserstein might have chosen a lesser light in whose shadow to cast a play than King Lear .
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  January 16, 2008


Noir comedy

Adrfit in Macao lives up to its name
As in Casablanca , whose transient denizens are waiting for visas, most of Macao is just waiting — as if for Godot.
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  January 16, 2008


Beane town

Speakeasy walks The Little Dog Laughed
The dish runs away with the show, not just the spoon, in Douglas Carter Beane’s Tony-nominated 2006 The Little Dog Laughed .
By: SALLY CRAGIN  |  January 08, 2008


Nerds and music

2 Pianos 4 Hands  scores at MRT
At least the cast of 2 Pianos 4 Hands doesn’t try to play Chopin.
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  January 07, 2008


The yenta monologues

Judy Gold’s Jewish-mother complex
What do you call a Conservative Jewish lesbian mother of two boys? Very funny, in the case of Judy Gold.
By: ED SIEGEL  |  December 26, 2007

Primary colors

It’s the political season on area stages
Now that the holiday hubbub is behind us, we have no dreams of white Christmases or visions of Sugar Plum Fairies to warm a theatergoer’s heart.
By: LIZA WEISSTUCH  |  December 26, 2007


Meter maids

Revels goes to the Balkans
Santa may know who’s naughty and nice, but he’ll have to bone up on his irregular folk meters if he wants to follow this year’s Christmas Revels to the Balkans.
By: JEFFREY GANTZ  |  December 17, 2007


The best on the boards

Theatre: 2007 in review
There have been a few muggings on the rialto this year.
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  December 17, 2007


Clan bake

Trinity looks inside Memory House
Memory Lane is a blocked road for high-school senior Katia, who’s asked to pound on the barricade for a college-application essay that must be postmarked by midnight tonight, New Year’s Eve.
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  December 12, 2007


Kosher comic

Judy Gold answers some questions for a Jewish mother
Judy Gold sashays into a press conference with a white apron over her jeans and a tray of rugelach in her hand.
By: IRIS FANGER  |  December 10, 2007


Christmas in Croatia

Revels heads for the Balkans
“If there are 1100 people in the audience,” Swanson reminds me, “around 600-700 of them will dance out into the Sanders lobby at intermission.”
By: IRIS FANGER  |  December 09, 2007


From ma’am, with love

No Child . . .  at the ART, plus This Wonderful Life and White Christmas
Nilaja Sun could have caved to expectation.
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  December 09, 2007


The boxer and the Bard

Tunney/Shakespeare in Six Rounds yields no winner
Was it Muhammad Ali who advocated a lot of dancing before landing a punch?
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  November 27, 2007


Acting teacher

Nilaja Sun’s journey from tough schools to art
Here’s what happens when teaching artist Nilaja Sun takes on a typical 10th-grade class in the South Bronx.
By: SALLY CRAGIN  |  November 20, 2007


Vietnam and Victoriana

The Huntington’s Streamers ; SpeakEasy’s Edwin Drood
War is hell in Streamers — and few of the characters have even been to one.
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  November 19, 2007


Making book

Ben Katchor explains The Rosenbach Company
If obsession is at the core of The Rosenbach Company, says co-creator Ben Katchor, that only makes the pop musical a human story.
By: CLEA SIMON  |  November 14, 2007


Sound Czech

Tom Stoppard fuses the history and the music in Rock ’n’ Roll
Tom Stoppard’s Rock ’n’ Roll begins in 1968 in an English garden, where a piper perched atop an ivied wall is serenading a stretched-out blonde flower child.
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  November 13, 2007


Rabbit forming

Donnie Darko, plus The Bluest Eye and To Kill a Mockingbird
For further indication of the darkening zeitgeist, consider the personae of imaginary rabbits.
By: CAROLYN CLAY  |  December 16, 2008


After Godot

Harvard to celebrate Beckett at 100
It’s fitting that Alvin Epstein should be cast in Beckett at 100 , since the venerable actor has been associated with the Nobel laureate’s plays for more than 50 years.
By: IRIS FANGER  |  November 06, 2007


Theater of war

The Huntington revives Streamers
Director Scott Ellis doesn’t call David Rabe’s Streamers a play about war.
By: IRIS FANGER  |  October 31, 2007

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