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Boston music news: November 2, 2007

Notes on Mieka Pauley, Ron Pownall, and Deborah Henson-Conant
Somerville-based singer-songwriter Mieka Pauley may have a degree in biological anthropology from Harvard, but right now music is her primary focus.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 30, 2007


Tricks and treats

A rock-and-roll dress-up party
Halloween has become a pleasant excuse for local rockers to don alter egos, transforming themselves in order to rock out as other bands.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 30, 2007


Plaid to the bone

The return of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Dicky Barrett is on his cellphone from Atlanta.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 23, 2007


Middle of the Road

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Paradise Rock Club, October 18, 2007
Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers may be a serious band with a full-length debut out on Everfine that features Caitlin Cary, but they don’t take themselves too seriously.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 23, 2007

Boston music news, October 26, 2007

Notes on the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra and Jimmy Tingle
The Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra are moving up in the world.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 23, 2007


Pop shock

KT Tunstall comes dressed for success
The UK version of American Idol is called Pop Idol — and that’s left Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall with mixed feelings about the whole notion of having a pop hit.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 16, 2007


Boston music news: October 19, 2007

Notes on Club D'Elf, Bang Camaro, Gang Green, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Club D'Elf, the local electronic-music collective helmed by bassist Mike Rivard, have two new albums in the works.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 15, 2007


Boston music news, October 12, 2007

Notes on Chad Perrone, Dinosaur Jr., and the Baseball Tavern's upcoming schedule
Haverhill-based singer-songwriter Chad Perrone left Averi just after the Boston group played a sold-out show at Avalon in November 2005.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 09, 2007


Postmodern blues

Office, Harpers Ferry, October 7, 2007
Whereas the music leans toward the hooky — propulsive and pumped-up — his lyrics twist and turn their way through lust and love.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 08, 2007


Snakes and pilgrims

From venom to the Otherside Café
There’s something classic about a pretty blonde girl in a bikini with a boa constrictor wrapped around her neck.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 08, 2007


Farewell to Avalon

Dropkick Murphys, Avalon, September 30, 2007
“I saw the history of rock and roll unfold right here. I’ve snuck in; I’ve been thrown out; Lansdowne Street was a big fuckin’ dugout.”
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 01, 2007


Boston music news: October 5, 2007

Notes on "The Return of Honk!"
Radical marching bands.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 01, 2007


In with the new

Mission of Burma, Institute of Contemporary Art, September 23, 2007
Mission of Burma left the building last Sunday without playing the “hits.”
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  September 24, 2007


Boston music news: September 28, 2007

Notes on the new Hi-N-Dry studio at the Somerville Arts Center
HI-N-DRY studio was an invention of the late Mark Sandman — in essence a practice area set up to record 24/7.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  September 25, 2007


Boston music news: September 21, 2007

Notes on Chris Brokaw and Session Americana
For the better part of a decade,Chris Brokaw was best known as Thalia Zedek’s guitar foil in the local band Come.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  September 18, 2007


Rock-and-roll circus

Sxip Shirey's 'Hour of Charm'
“We’ll fuck up a lot, that’s just the way it is,” said the evening’s MC/entertainer, Sxip Shirey, adding that everyone in the crowd should “feel free to fart.”
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  September 18, 2007


Boston music news: September 14, 2007

Notes on two new rock clubs in the Fenway area
Rock clubs in the Fenway come and go.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  September 12, 2007


One nation under a groove

George Clinton, Roxy, September 6
A Clinton show is a happy genre collision, where the fantasy of one nation under a groove becomes reality for a night.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  September 10, 2007


The big show

Exploring the larger side of Burlesque at the Millky Way, September 5, 2007
There was plenty of flesh, exposed and otherwise, jiggling — most notably, four fat-bottomed girls who sang and danced in front of Gunpowder Gelatine.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  September 10, 2007


Down down and away

Spectrum, Middle East Upstairs, August 28, 2007
Perhaps androids dream of more than just electric sheep.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 02, 2007


A pair of Kings

The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Show
Elvis loved Elvis tribute acts.
By: JIM SULLIVAN  |  September 04, 2007

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