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Belle and Sebastian | The BBC Sessions

Matador (2008)
Call ’em twee or call ’em bookish (after all, they did take their name from a French children’s book), but don’t call Belle & Sebastian anemic.
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  November 18, 2008


Cheap Trick | Budokan!

Epic/Legacy (2008)
These days, all an American outfit has to do to get famous is name itself after an animal and get blogged about for 24 hours.
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  November 11, 2008


Replacements | Rhino Reissues

 Tim + Pleased To Meet Me + Don’t Tell A Soul + All Shook Down | Rhino (2008)
Rhino’s second and concluding batch of Replacements reissues charts the Minneapolis band’s Great Descent from the heights of rock-and-roll nihilism to the pit of MOR blah.  
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  October 01, 2008


Ben Folds | Way To Normal

Epic (2008)
His attitude may remain young at heart, but his irony’s over the hill.
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  September 23, 2008


Calexico: Carried to Dust

True to its title, Carried to Dust moves along with wraith-like grace, a haunting and beautiful drift of songs about codebreakers, gravebound ghosts, and stars that “shone in slowness.”
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  September 02, 2008


Randy Newman

Harps + Angels | Nonesuch
As welcome as it is to have Newman’s acerbic wit back, it remains a singular pleasure to listen to a simple, devastating ballad like “Losing You.”
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  August 12, 2008


The Major Labels

Aquavia | Self-released
You can play Spot the Beatles throughout this one.
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  August 04, 2008



Modern Guilt | DGC
It’s music for summer nights of muggy confusion and post-sunset soul searching, and when Beck takes the mic, he rocks some straight-up Shiva shit.
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  July 15, 2008


Ratatat | LP3

It's some kind of cosmic machine music, reflecting not just a stoner’s world of internalized minimalist headbanging but an entire universe of culture, texture, and possibility.
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  July 08, 2008



Rook | Matador
To fans of the Austin band, this is all par for the beautiful but eerie course.
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  June 24, 2008


Elvis Costello and the Imposters

Momofuku | Lost Highway
“I’m a limited primitive kind of man,” Costello sings in “Drum & Bone,” and for better and worse, that’s the truth.
By: ZETH LUNDY  |  May 12, 2008

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