Virgil’s Root Beer, Reed’s Original Ginger Brew, and China Cola

Microbrews for the underage (and non-alcohol-drinking) crowd
By MARLISSA BRIGGETT  |  January 31, 2007

Put down that Pepsi for a minute; Virgil’s Root Beer, Reed’s Original Ginger Brew, and China Cola offer quirky takes on traditional sodas. Relying on exotic spices and juices to deliver a pungent taste, these beverages encourage thoughtful sips rather than thirsty gulps. Virgil’s Root Beer tastes similar to its more conventional supermarket counterparts, but with a surprisingly pleasant wintergreen twist; while Reed’s Original Ginger Brew evokes the taste of a cup of strong ginger tea that’s been chilled and carbonated. The cola, well, you’ll have to figure that one out on your own: Szechuan peony root, cassia bark, and cardamom are just a few of its many herbal ingredients. You may be disappointed if you’re hoping for a traditional cola taste, but if you’re looking for something different — something you can’t quite pin down — you’ll find it here.

Available for $1.80 per bottle at SHERMAN CAFÉ, 257 Washington Street, in Somerville. Call 617.776.4944.

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