Chimp, Hipster, or Republican?

Similar to Simians Dept.

Which species (Chimps, Hipsters, and/or Republicans) are often affiliated with the following behaviors:

1) Having their own unique personalities.

2) Keeping nonlethal weapons handy, specifically to beat defiant females into submission.

3) Organizing hunting parties.

4) Exaggerating facial expressions to communicate feelings.

5) Revealing a weak sense of morality and capacity to distinguish right and wrong.

6) Participating in drumming rituals that include rhythmical movements.

7) Routinely making and breaking alliances based on changing needs and opportunities.

8) Demanding and receiving extensive grooming from subordinates.

9) Adhering to formal greeting rituals.

10) Organizing clandestine forays into neighboring territories where, under cover of dark, they ambush and kill male counterparts.

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