Better than a fat bag of skunk, the Commonwealth's vote to legalize medical marijuana has come as the best gift any Mass stoner could ask for. But lest we bogart all that goodwill this holiday season, here's a 420-friendly list of evergreen stocking stuffers to give to your best buds.

V. Syndicate Grinder Card :: $10 :: You already carry around a bag of trees, your dugout, two lighters, and rolling papers just in case. Lugging around a proper grinder on top of that? Even if you've got a purse, that's mighty cumbersome. Luckily, the engineers at V. Syndicate have whipped up these wallet-size grinder cards, which shred nearly as efficiently as any manual blender: imagine a cheese grater for your dense nuggets; a mandoline for your forbidden fruit.

Sugar Daddy's Smoke Shop :: 472 Comm Ave, Boston :: 617.536.6922 ::

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