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Where is the love - side

By  |  March 1, 2006

We are everywhere

Hollywood is no stranger to less-than-obviously-gay gay guys. Indeed, over the past three decades the rule has generally been that nellies, sissies, and stereotypes need not apply. Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular of these films, almost all nominated for Academy Awards.

•  Midnight Cowboy (1969), by John Schlesinger. This breakthrough film is a heartbreaking urban romance between a naive male hustler (Jon Voight) and a dying homeless man (Dustin Hoffman), neither of whom identifies as “gay.” Nominated for seven Oscars; won three.

•  Sunday, Bloody Sunday (1971), also directed by Schlesinger. Portrays a love affair between an upper-class, conservative British doctor (Peter Finch) and a trendy bisexual artist (Murray Head). Nominated for four Oscars.

•  My Beautiful Laundrette (1986), by Stephen Frears. A charming political romance between a London street tough (Daniel Day-Lewis) and a Pakistani immigrant (Gordon Warnecke). Nominated for Oscar for Best Screenplay.

• My Own Private Idaho (1991), by Gus Van Sant. A love story between drugged-out hustlers played by River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves. No Oscar nominations, but 12 nominations and eight wins on the US and international festival circuits.

•  The Crying Game (1992), by Neil Jordan. A triumphant love story between an IRA extremist (Stephen Rea) and a drag queen (Jaye Davidson). Nominated for six Oscars; won for Best Screenplay.

Gods and Monsters (1998), by Bill Condon. An intense romance between a dying gay film director (Ian McKellen) and his straight working-class lawn boy (Brendan Fraser). Nominated for three Oscars; won for Best Screenplay.
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