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The Crazies
Theatrical release date: February 26

Usually, remakes are a bad idea, but not always: John Carpenter's The Thing remake outdoes the original, and the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers was successfully cloned from its 1956 predecessor (let's just forget about the 2007 iteration). No doubt the studio suits figure that if a film made money 20 years ago, then a remake will also rake it in.

Instead, they should listen to trash-master John Waters, who claims that the best films to be remade are the ones that fucked up a great premise the first time around. And no film is more worthy of a reboot/reimagining/remake than The Crazies. Zombie godfather George Romero first unleashed The Crazies in 1973, and the film is a frustrating mixed bag. The upside: a virus that makes you turn into a primitive, murderous maniac driven to kill anyone in your path with the nearest firearm, power tool, or blunt object. The downside: atrocious acting, poor pacing, and flat, boring camerawork -- so much potential flushed down the toilet. The career of The Crazies v.2 director 
Breck Eisner doesn't exactly inspire confidence, as his last film was the mega-flop Sahara. Nonetheless, The Crazies has a fantastic core concept and, so far, a great trailer. I sincerely hope the new crew can unearth a gory gem from the burnt wreckage of the original.

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