Interview: Glenn Danzig

By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  June 21, 2010

It’s interesting that when you talk about this frustration as being the inspiration of your music, you tend to couch these frustrations within a lyrical framework that’s kind of, well, occult—
Well, Christianity and Islam, that’s the real occult to me. I mean, look how many people those people kill. I mean, any other religion here in the States, if they even killed 100 people, they’d shut 'em down. Killing hundreds of thousands, millions of people, over, you know, and nothing happens to ‘em, just a slap on the wrist. People have been talking about this priest-abuse scandal thing since the '80s, and nothing’s happened to them. If that was a Scientology church, they’d be shut down in a second. Do you know what I mean?

Yeah, so it’s a double standard, it’s a load of shit, but will people call that a cult? I mean, do you believe Jesus walked on water? Do you even believe Jesus existed?

Do I? Not really.
Yeah, so there you go. That’s far-fetched, to me; that’s a fucking story. I think in one of my records I put a quote from Celsus in there that says that they worship a dead man. I mean, Jesus! That is somebody who’s dead and came back to life, which in everyone else’s terminology is a zombie. [Laughs] If he dies and comes back to life, he’s a zombie, so you’re worshipping a zombie! Whatever. I mean, you don’t even know if he existed or not; it’s a regurgitated story from pre-Egyptian times, and it’s just crazy. So whenever people say, “Oh, you’re singing about the occult,” I’m like [laughs] “Well, let’s get that term straightened out: the occult, what’s that?” I think it’s a catch-all phrase that people have used to discredit stuff.

I can agree with that.
Yeah, and so — and it’s like other stuff too, like when the drug companies conspired with our government to put natural homeopathic cures out of business at the turn of the century, and bang, they started calling it “snake oil,” and this and that. And it’s really just a disinformation campaign to discredit this stuff so that people will stop using it. The government has gone so far as to create phony homeopathic remedies so when people use them and they don’t work, people lose interest in them.

I read somewhere recently that you said that when you go on tour, you go to a lot of bookstores; so I’m curious what you’ve been reading lately.
Hmm … I read so much -- and of course I read tons of different stuff which some people would call the occult. But of course, not only have I always been interested in the families that run the world forever, that people know now as the Bilderberg Group. But there’s an older book called The Committee of 300 which tells you all about it. I mean, I got in trouble for this back in the '90s, talking about this kind of stuff -- how the United States is based on a Freemason thing, and I got so many government files on me from that one.

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