The thing is that you really need to fend for yourself, and you need to have a really tough, good lawyer and manager. They’re invested in you, they want to see you get a great deal, not just money, because in the end they’ll see more money from a great deal that covers things like artistic freedom, how many albums, etc. I think, generally speaking, in a perfect world, if you could have your own microcosm, like, make your own label, have complete artistic control and design some sort of agreement with a powerful record label with a good radio department and distribution outlet, you could be golden. That requires money, though, which none of us really have. I don’t know — everyone has their opinion. I just think most people are stupid and get suckered in, or maybe they’re desperate or unlucky. Either way, I think you need to get burned a few times to really understand the reality of all of it. No matter what, it’s still business, and you need to survive.

When will we get a new Passion Pit record? NME said it was coming out early next year. 
NME says a lot of things, and a lot of those things aren’t completely true. I never said anything really that particular, I just know I’d love to see whatever kind of record I make have a release date at an appropriate time in the artistic sense, barring all inevitable record-label schedules. If it sounds like a fall-and-winter album, let’s release it then. If it sounds like a spring/summer album, perfect. Let’s release it then. There is absolutely no deadline, but I am writing a ton of material. There’s not too much to say. I’m really excited to start working on new material for this band. Anyone who has any doubts about whether or not we can follow up should rest assured. I’m very comfortable with the feel of this next record already. The only thing that’s absolutely necessary is a hiatus of sorts. After two years of touring, I’d say a rest comes with some merit, no?

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