And there it is. As if on cue, and with no prodding: the first chip shot at big brother's expense. Almost two decades in and it's just as entertaining to watch this sibling rivalry still rage. "Me and Noel can't get on with each other. He thinks he's fucking God, I think I'm God — it doesn't work. We never really had an argument about music; it was always about personal things. It's a shame that in the end that broke the band up, but at the end of the day, I think it's better off for everyone. You change as you grow up, and maybe Noel isn't as rock and roll as he once was, and maybe he's scared of being in a rock-and-roll band and wants to take things a little bit easier and sit on his hill and be Bob Dylan. That's fine, mate, but you're never gonna get me sitting on a fucking stool playing acoustic guitar. I need to explode when I'm on that stage."

Behind the microphone stand is the spot where this Gallagher is at his best. Hands clasped behind his back, knees slightly bent, neck craned with a disaffected preen - it's a posture that's been both imitated and ridiculed. Liam flourished belting out the multitude of Oasis classics over the years, but those are songs he promises are forever in the rearview.

"I sang them to death," he says of "Wonderwall" and "Rock 'n' Roll Star." "If I didn't have a band, I'd be missing them, without a doubt. I gave Oasis everything and more, so I don't feel like I had anything more to give. I mean, I could have, but I have a new batch of songs now, and I'm quite happy singing them. And why the fuck should we sing his songs? We write our own."

Beady Eye tracks and the odd cover fill the live set, and reviews for an initial series of European dates have been mostly positive. To Gallagher, relying on the Oasis back catalogue is akin to "sleeping with your ex-missus." But he insists his brother will revisit the hits when Noel's pending solo career launches. "He'll take great pleasure in letting everyone know what songs he wrote and what songs he sang on, and he can top off his little set list with all his new songs. So that guy will be playing for three hours boring the fucking life out of people. We don't. We just hit people with an hour, and it's great."

So far, just three live dates in North America have been confirmed: New York, Chicago, and Toronto in early June. More are expected to be added, but if and when a Boston date is set, we might not find Gallagher out sauced on the streets. He's pulled back on the shenanigans that once cost him his front teeth in a German bar brawl, as well as getting him thrown off a ferry in Amsterdam, and leading to numerous entertaining, albeit dodgy, shows. "Yeah, without a doubt," he says when I suggest that he's dialed down the partying. But he adds a disclaimer: "Not to the point where it's all Chris Martin and you're in slippers or whatever and debating cheese and shit. We still have a party, but we only stay out three days now instead of four."

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