Adds Kallathon (who, like Volahn, is both a member of the collective and a solo artist under that name): "Southern California's a very diverse society; overcrowded freeways, rough streets, and overpopulation can have a negative effect on anyone. But we're surrounded by mountains, forests, deserts, and ocean, things that set my sights higher than the mess we live in. I've always felt a connection with the elements and the forces of nature. Lightning, wind, and rain drive the energy of Kallathon. Living by the ocean my whole life, I recognize and respect its unstoppable force. It's the element most present in the atmosphere of Kallathon."

Volahn formed the label Crepusculo Negro in 2008 to document the circle's activities. "We record, produce, manufacture, and distribute everything ourselves, including shirts and vinyl," he explains. The label boasts 19 releases to date, and future plans for the Circle include two upcoming split cassettes, one between Ashdautas and non-BTC allies Bone Awl and the other with Volahn and Kallathon, each available on their upcoming East Coast tour. Next, they'll travel through Mexico and Guatemala, visit Japan and Hawaii, and release forthcoming full-lengths by Volahn, Ashdautas, Blue Hummingbird on the Left, and Shataan, as well as a second Black Twilight compilation.

Volahn is also working on a book that teaches Nahuatl, the language of the Mexica. "My ancestors' blood was given long ago to bless my struggle today," he adds. "I believe in violence as a means of liberation. Atrocities are still happening to the indigenous people of Mexico and Guatemala, and my art is for them and those who fight foreign occupation of our land." ^

Ian Duncan-Brown can be reached at

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