My mom's music selections were the Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, Roxy Music, Elvis Costello, Jane's Addiction. Why? Because WFNX played them. We had this summer where my parents had split up when I was 12. Where was the best place to bring us four kids on a summer trip for really cheap? To the free shows at the Hatch Shell. We saw countless of bands for free: Morphine, Green Day, Catherine Wheel, Letters to Cleo. That was the best summer imaginable and we still talk about it to this day. WFNX has formed my musical taste for life. And it was part of my life from the beginning (I'm 29). Going from diapers and learning how to walk, to learning how to ride a bike, having a puppy live its full life. Losing my brother. Learning how to drive. Having my first beer. And now having a family of my own. WFNX is always on in the background. I will be lost once the radio station goes down. It's like losing another family member. Thank you so much for being a part of my life. It will be hard driving back and forth to work without you. It was just a magical 29 years.

Cheryl Dooley


I remember taping the first-ever New Year's Eve Best of Countdown on cassette and sending it down to my brother, who lived in Puerto Rico at the time and was unable to get new music. He would lie on the beach listening to it and people would ask him, "Hey what station is that?"

Now I am a DJ on WFMU and I often relive my memories listening to 'FNX on the air. WFNX really influenced me and what I do. I am truly heartbroken to hear that the station is leaving the airwaves. RIP, WFNX. Be happy to know you touched many of us out there.

Meghan McKee, Jersey City, NJ


One of my favorite memories from living in Boston occurred on a day when I was driving back from one of the places I contract at, cruising on 93 South and hearing Adam 12 saying, "Let's play some warm weather music!" when it was in the 70s in March. There was something so serene and beautiful about that day, blasting 'FNX with my windows down. Yes, you can listen to music online and pick what you want to hear, but there's something so special about feeling that connection with the DJ and knowing that other people are doing the exact same thing you are. Even if a radio station comes in that plays the exact same music, if the DJ is streaming from anywhere that isn't Boston, I won't get to hear the "Let's play some warm weather music to go along with this beautifully warm day!" or "We're going to play some upbeat tunes to bring us up on this gloomy, dark Boston day."

Laura A. Ciccone


WFNX was more than just a radio station the sophisticated kids listened to in school. It was like a lifestyle. I tuned in as a middle schooler. While I could overhear kids my own age discussing rappers and pop artists I still don't know today, I was listening to Radiohead, Oasis, and Nirvana. The local music heard on Sundays grew on me, ADD weekend became a fun thing to be a part of. I screamed when I first heard my name get called on air. Forever I'll continue to wear my WFNX sticker on my laptop, and always show the pride in "Alternative Boston," 101.7 WFNX, in every coffee shop and library I enter.

Gina Davis, Beverly

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