Tear the club up

By MIKE MCKAY  |  August 22, 2006

You still keep up with that?
Yeah! I’ll be doing it till I’m fucking dead. Everything around, I’m drawing on, I’m scribbling on. I mean I’m not out there writing on walls anymore, I’ll catch the occasional tag in a DJ booth or something, let people know I was there. The level of my infestation with that shit in my life, all of this, it will be to my death.

I got a kick out of that “a la crate” line, that’s definatly some graffiti that inspired shit. But I haven't see many graf writers rocking cashmere lately.
That was the shit I did with this French dude, Lucien Pellat-finet. We did an exhibit of DJ record boxes, I don’t know if you ever saw that. It was 2002 or something, everyone was customizing everything, and I was like, “Well, let’s take our DJ flight cases, have all the biggest streetwear graffiti dudes, hand paint them.” Then we did an exhibit at Colette in Paris.But during that this guy Pellat-finet, who makes these really high end cashmere sweaters with the weed leaf on them, came up to me at the event. He was like, “I want you to paint my showroom, the steel grates in my showroom.” I didn’t know if he was bullshitting me or what. But he commissioned me to do it. He flew me out there and I painted the whole thing. It was a gigantic — the wall was huge. I didn’t even have any preparation. I just did some freestyle old school type shit off the top of my head. And he liked it, then we turned it into a cashmere sweater.

Not a lot of dudes get their own signature cashmere sweater.
Yeah and his shit, they sell for like two grand, three grand a pop. It’s like the finest whatever blah blah blah. So for me to be recognized someone like him, who wanted me to collaborate on that level. That’s like a true collaboration, that’s like when street meets some high end couture shit. We made something, it wasn’t like some dumb t-shirt with both our names on it. Meanwhile his t-shirts sell for like $500 each. He’s out of control.


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