PINSKY, the new band that grew from the ashes of LOCAL NOTHING, were hoping to drop their first EP, Two for the Road, May 6. But then there were “some issues” with the duplication process. Yeah, that never happens to local bands. Anyway, from what we can tell by the tunes on MySpace, this thing is worth waiting for. PETE VACHON, ADAM CROTEAU, and ANDRE TRANCHEMONTAGNE haven’t forgotten anything of what made Local Nothing a great pop-punk band, but with JEFF ROBERTS (a Seacoaster you may have heard in the SCENIC ROUTE) they seem to have found a nuance and self-assuredness that makes for a great listen. As one commenter posted, “A ginormous step up.” No word on upcoming gigs, though.

Oops. ERIC BETTENCOURT’s nascent label is called SHADOW SHINE RECORDS, not just Shine Records, as we mis-typed a couple weeks back. Speaking of Bettencourt, you can catch him on Channel 2 right now playing in the MAINE SONGWRITERS SHOWDOWN installment, with SAM ANDERSON, TONY GRACE, and CHARLIE STANHOPE. Keep your eyes peeled.

FICUS (formerly Five Foot Ficus, we believe) are still working with PETE MORSE up at the BUSTED BARN on a late-summer follow-up to Blue Wall, but that’s not why we mention them. At Clyde’s Pub and Brian Boru gigs last weekend, they teamed with CHRISTOPHER JORDAN’S HC PRODUCTIONS to offer full sound-board mixes directly after the show, which you could grab for a small fee and a USB thumb drive (the fee is less if you bring your own USB drive). INSTANT TAKE-HOME OF A LIVE SHOW is a great idea whose time has come.

A new Portland trio with a soft spot for My Bloody Valentine, called BIRD IN THE RAFTERS, will not only be playing Slainte this Saturday, but will also be making their way out to Omaha, Nebraska, home of Bright Eyes, Saddle Creek Records, and 311, to play O’Leavers on June 27. Seems bassist ROY GHIM used to teach there, frontman TONY MANHART grew up there, and drummer EMILY SERWAY is married to Tony. Thus, the random confluence of a wedding Roy has to be at and a birthday party for Manhart’s dad is a damn fine excuse for a gig out on the town.

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