I just don’t like remixes. I like a song to be a song and keep it as a song because I love songs. So when I hear a remix and you draw it out for eight minutes, it has to be amazing for me to like it. I just don’t like that kind of stuff. But everyone else in the band does, and people who listen to our music usually do. Nate, he’s Shuttle. He’s done a lot of White Label stuff. He’s doing really well, actually, and he does Shuttle remixes but then he does remixes under Passion Pit. I really like the fact that he doesn’t want to mix them. He didn’t want anyone to know that he was Shuttle, he wanted to be like a Burial thing. I was like, how about you just stop, because you’re so good at it and you’re working for something and you’re doing something so amazingly well, you should be proud.

You seem very open-minded to the idea of crossing over. Do you think your open-mindedness is going to help you through all this?
I think my greatest asset is that I am willing to consider this a test of endurance. There are so many people who want us to fail, because they expect there to be backlash. When Vampire Weekend really hit it, there were just so many people who talked about the backlash. They kind of instilled this caution: “is a band really worth it?”. I think that what’s keeping us alive is the fact that, any other time in my life I would have quit because of that stuff. I don’t like when people go online and say “I was in a class with him and he said the stupidest shit.” “I sold him coke three years ago” – which is ridiculous because I’ve never done [coke]. Just so many mean things that are directed towards me. Because my threshold is so low, I would have just quit. But I think what we have here is, we’re a really sensitive band, I don’t think a lot of these other bands – I don’t think MGMT would ever care about that kind of stuff. I know that we believe that we’re supposed to be doing something, we just have to break through what seems to be impermeable. It’s such a difficult journey and we know it, and we’ve been told that it is, and we’ve been told that we have to just get used to the fact that – for instance, there’s someone on Facebook with a Michael Angelakos fan page that is responding to people with the most inane things and making me look like a conceited asshole. There’s already that kind of stuff happening. It’s awful. I think now we know: there’s something happening that we’re doing that’s just good, and we have to keep that in mind because we’re going to hit a backlash pretty soon, pretty hardcore. I think we’re willing to put up with it. Other bands will go back to sticking with the indie world, be comfortable with touring 200-300 capacity venues, because they know that and they can always do that. It’s instant gratification, it’ll always work for them. Like Bill Callahan, these guys will do the same thing over and over because they don’t care about that stuff. But we can overcome it.

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