She blowed up good

Kempe goes ballistic. Plus, global greed, and jockeying for electoral position
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  May 5, 2010

Governor Carcieri’s communications director, Amy Kempe

File this one under either: “Too much coffee this morning, dear?” or “I told you not to hit the ‘Send’ button!”

P+J refer to a frothing, acrimonious screed sent to the Urinal’s “Letters to the Editor” which appeared on April 29 by Governor “Laughing Boy” Carcieri’s communications director, Amy Kempe.

In an effort to guarantee the lame duck governor the worst possible press during his final months, Kempe accused the BeloJo of “yellow journalism.” She wrote that it was “shameful” for the editors to print what she deemed as claptrap — the results of a survey on Carcieri’s performance conducted by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. And she urged the paper to “stop hiding behind your so-called legitimacy and rename your political column Page Six (as in the New York Post).” Well, as big fans of Page Six, that only scores points for the Other Paper at Casa Diablo, but so be it.

Kempe also included a personal attack on our old buddy, Urinal State House reporter Kathy “Faster, Pussycat, Kill, Kill” Gregg. The spokeswoman’s disdain for Gregg — the most feared journalist on Smith Hill, in our memory, because she is one of three people in Vo Dilun who understand the budget and she grills pols with a vigor that Dick Cheney would lovingly apply to a Gitmo resident — has been extant and evident since Kempe got the job and made a major initial gaffe in building a relationship with the Urinal’s political supremo. The fact is that Kempe’s credibility and credence was long lost on more than just Gregg — P+J actually had a Washington, D.C. communications flack tell us she had also heard warnings via the BeloJo about the guv’s p.r. flack.

The worst part about the smear against Pussycat Gregg was that Kempe had evidently been informed prior to going ballistic, by both Kathy and editorial page editor Bob Whitcomb, that our friend was not the author of the piece, which appeared in a political roundup put together by several reporters. It was her colleague, Randal Edgar — a fairly vital fact which Kempe chose to ignore. Whitcomb’s response, which followed Kempe’s venting missive and cited the Laughing Boy transgressions behind the CREW rating, was cold, clinical, and case-closing.

P+J have known Amy for years, and always found her personable and competent, but it appears the job may have gotten away from her under the Capitol dome, and she has now blowed up good — in a bad way. But trust us, while you can tell P+J to go fuck ourselves and we will laugh it off all the way to the open bar and buffet table, that kind of attack goes down very poorly on Fountain Street. We hope Kinko’s has already got the order for a stack of resumes to go out toot sweet from Ms. Kempe.

Your superior correspondents have always been amused at all of those local folk who have been led to believe that the mendacity, corrupt ways, and native stupidity of your basic Vo Dilunduh is somehow unique. A more expansive view of the world indicates that there are many flavors of cultural corruption. That we have a unique and unusually colorful brand here in the Biggest Little makes some of us falsely believe that we stand alone or are much worse than the others. Not true, never was true, and a story in Sunday’s New York Times bears witness to the fact that a culture of selfish and greedy behavior is fairly universal.

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