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By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  May 19, 2010

One of the saddest tales to emerge lately was the murder of University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love, allegedly beaten to death by a member of the UVA men’s lacrosse team she had been dating.

But when it comes to beating something to death, you can’t top the mainstream media, who have already done it to this story, with NBC’s Today seeming to top the list of the tragedy-porn obsessed. (And don’t you think the networks are giddy about the fact that the victim had an audience-friendly, headline-grabbing name and a model’s good looks?) This will of course end once the next blond woman is killed and becomes the media obsession du jour, and she, too, will hopefully be kind enough to be photogenic for the talking hairdos and airhead bimbos to weep and wail over with the sincerity of British Petroleum and Halliburton executives.

Final note: Amidst the overkill on the Yeardley Love story, little attention was paid to the fact that UVA men’s lax coach, Dom Starsia, endured the death of his father just after the murder involving one of his own players and Ms. Love — surely more drama and emotion in a short time frame than one would wish upon anyone. Phillipe knew Dom at Brown when both played sports there, and regarded him as a very kind, personable, and thoughtful individual, which is reflected in his evolution to one of the finest lacrosse coaches in the history of the sport in the NCAA. His travails would have been an equally poignant story, but the elder Mr. Starsia failed to provide anything warranting national attention, such as decapitating himself with a boomerang. Can you say “lowest common denominator,” Mr. TV executive?

. . . Speaking of Brown sports alums, an interesting note in Bill Reynolds’s extremely popular Saturday sports column in The Urinal. Bill reveals that in the TV series, Friday Night Lights, the role of quarterback for any opponent of the featured high school team, the Dillon Panthers, is played by Hendricken and Brown grad Kyle Rowley. Rowley played football at Brown with mild success, but has since been a huge star in arena football with teams all over the country. His father, Jim, a former #2 in the R.I. State Police, is a friend of P+J’s. (We met when he profiled us on Route 95 and pulled us over, and just because we were smuggling illegal immigrants into Rhody dressed in giant rabbit suits, he thought that we should be arrested and prosecuted.) Kyle’s brother, Travis, is the chair of the Biggest Little’s Young Republicans; has written a book, Out of Ivy, for which P. provided a complimentary jacket blurb; is a regular contributor to the Other Paper’s editorial pages; and has another publication in the works. A busy family, for certain, and cheers to all of them.

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