Kudos to House Speaker Gordon Fox for putting the kibosh on State Representative Peter Palumbo’s offensive Arizona wannabe bill that targets immigrants who don’t happen to look like the Olsen twins or Jonas Brothers. And when you are Cape Verdean and gay, as is Fox, you better damn well make sure your back is covered when it comes to being profiled by morons, which may be why Fox said in unequivo-cal terms that the bill would never reach the House floor this year.

With idiots like the Tea Party leaders now enjoying their 15 minutes of fame, it is nice to see people stand up to what are essentially vile, racist, and numbnuts attempts to degrade society as a whole. Stand tall, Gordon, it’s the right thing to do.

Okay, perhaps your superior correspondents are a little over the top in suggesting that Representative Peter Palumbo might harbor racist sentiments. Well, no more than your average white Vo Dilunduh (sorry, we guess that’s damning enough). On deeper reflection it’s our opinion that what motivated Mr. Palumbo to introduce his ludicrous “Arizona” legislation is that he is a moron.

The Arizona law is not “tough immigration legislation” but “stupid” and “unconstitutional” immigration legislation. Only a moron would want to play in that ballpark — someone who, like the so-called “Tea Party” reactionaries, either doesn’t understand the Constitution or believes that the first ten amendments are the “Bill of Suggestions,” not the Bill of Rights (thank you, evangelistic extremists for pro-viding that lovely phrase).

Apparently Mr. Palumbo wants to play in that ballpark, saying: “What pushed me over the edge was, when I heard the mayor of San Francisco and mayor of LA chastising the governor (Brewer of Arizona) for her efforts, I just snapped . . . We’re all under attack, basically.” Hey Peter, that’s almost as good as that other sub-Mensa hero, Sarah Palin’s refrain: “We’re all Arizonans now.”

While the depressing activities of the Naught Providence Stooges may lead some to believe that the Biggest Little’s government is rife with buffoons and criminals, the announcement that State Senator J. Mi-chael Lenihan, an East Greenwich Democrat, will not be seeking re-election casts attention on a different kind of politician.

Senator Lenihan is the real thing: a true public servant, hardworking, dedicated, and passionate about good government, someone to believe in. Best wishes to a very good man who has given extraordinary and wise service to his community and state.

A tip of the sombrero to Frank Carter, who tells us that he’ll be an independent candidate for the First District Congressional seat being relinquished by Patrick Kennedy. In the May 13 “Cool, Cool World” col-umn, P+J threw down the gauntlet and challenged any and all seekers of elective office to make the pledge to never, ever use the incredibly overworked cliché, “at the end of the day.”

Frank, a Pawtucket native who has run before, takes the pledge via email: “I promise never to use the phrase at the end of the day. I never have and never will.” We appreciate it, Frank.

And we’re still offering a three-figure campaign donation to any candidate who, instead of using this vile phrase, publicly breaks into a few bars of the Kinks’ “Till the End of the Day.”

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