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Let’s pray for an awakened public in 2006
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  February 6, 2006

P&J like the story about when famed author P.G. Wodehouse was aged, ill, and confined to his bed. When he woke up one morning, he opened his eyes, looked around, and reportedly said, “Not again!”

That is sort of how we feel about entering 2006. We face the proverbial SOS (same old shit) while a real SOS should go to anyone who will listen. Dubya Bush is a raving radical-right conservative religious fanatic who professes to have personal chats with the Big Sir when he needs advice. Georgie remains in the White House, at least for the short periods when he isn’t “clearing brush” at his ranch in Texas — a claim that doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

This delusional Boy In the Bubble is surrounded by an administration full of professional liars, chicken hawks, and torture enthusiasts. Our finest troops are still dying in Iraq (2200 to date, but who’s counting?). Unfortunately, too many Americans have followed the path of Boy George’s Mommy Dearest, Barbara, who said she couldn’t worry “her beautiful mind” about the war in Iraq. Still, many now know that the Iraqi WMDs were a fantasy ably supported by the unspeakable mass media, neutered long ago by Dubya’s minions, who helped turn even the gray lady of 42nd Street, the New York Times, into a shadow of its former self. FOX News 1, Objectivity 0.

One of the few things we could look forward to in 2006 is having Dubya’s Rasputin, the pudgy pig-eyed pink boy, Karl Rove, frog-marched out of the West Wing in shackles for his role in supplying the unctuous Robert Novak with the Plame scoop.

The Bushies still consider global climate change as nonexistent, despite the growing frequency and severity of storms and hurricanes, and increasingly wild swings in the weather. This gang sees nothing wrong with spying on their fellow citizens without authorization, a wonderful concept that the Founding Fathers would have surely endorsed. Condi, we’re still looking for that mushroom cloud from Iraq you warned us about, sweetheart.

Yep, more tax cuts for the rich are foreseen while social programs are cut. “Big Time” and Dubya’s Big Oil Boys will continue to control our energy policy. Hope you have no more soreness in your buns after that gang bent Americans over an oil barrel when gas prices soared in 2005. Grease up, folks — you can expect that scenario to pop up again, so to speak.

Basta! Stop the raving and move on. But P&J woke up on January 1, quoting Mr. Wodehouse. Not again! Have a nice year, kiddies. Mission accomplished!

So who’s got a problem with Bob Urciuoli taking a few family trips to luxury resorts, eating at the finest restaurants, and playing golf at the world’s finest courses? When you’re a big shot you have to act like a big shot to impress all the other big shots you’re rubbing shoulders with, right? We believe this is the argument that the president of the nonprofit Roger Williams Medical Center made to trustees when his expense account practices were being scrutinized a few years back.

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