"I wrote Throat in a weekend, the script was 14 pages long. Right away the film was a hit at the World Theater in New York. It was grossing about $15,000 a week which is great for of picture of this genre. After three or four months the film started to peter out and then it got busted. This gave the picture notoriety and it became the in thing to see, it became a fad. Busloads of people used to come from all over."

Damiano does not want to have anything more to do with Deep Throat and did not participate in its unsuccessful sequel Deep Throat II. He is also not anxious to work with Linda Lovelace again.

"Linda changed, she became affected by what she was. She demands a very high salary and she can't perform. She never had any talent as an actress. She just had one unique quality of being the most sensually turned on person I have ever met. She had this innocence. No matter what she did she came across as not being dirty. She doesn't have this quality anymore.

"In Deep Throat II she was awful – god awful. Whatever she had the new people who are handling her have no way of bringing it out. I taught her how to walk, how to stand, how to project herself and lose her shyness.

"I thought she might progress when she got rid of her husband, Chuck Traynor, who then went over to manage Marilyn Chambers. That man was a nothing. He had no personality, no charm, no brains. He was just a user of people and he used Linda. He gave her nothing and abused her. He was very brutal with her. She was supposed to do what she did but she wasn't supposed to enjoy it, and if she enjoyed it he beat her up. Many times she'd come on the set and be completely black and blue."

Damiano paused to take a bite out of his sandwich and then related that The Devil In Miss Jones, his most successful picture, was conceived and made a few months after the release of Deep Throat. This time it took him a month to write the screenplay and he is proud that the film received some minor critical acclaim. He also enjoys achieving recognition from show business people: "I heard through the grapevine that many personalities are personal fans of mine and have all my films. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Hugh Hefner, these people have all my films!

"I was in a restaurant in California recently and a waiter came over and said that if I didn't mind Mr. Cassavettes, John Cassavettes, would love to meet me. And here's a man who I have, throughout the years, admired for his talent; and here he was wanting to meet me.

"The only source that has expressed displeasure with my work has been Jack Valenti of the MPAA. But you have to understand people's motivations. Valenti is completely motivated by his pocket. He cannot condone independent films because he belongs to the system. I laugh at him, I defy him. Hollywood makes a film called Man Of La Mancha for 10 million dollars; it grosses twenty five thousand. I put out Deep Throat for $25,000; it grosses 10 million. I destroy his whole system. I destroy everything he stands for."

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