After his bad financial experience with Deep Throat Damiano has now developed a system of his own. His company, Pierre Productions, currently has an agreement with distributor Herbert Micklin (who owns 50 porno theaters throughout the country including two in Boston) which allows for rapid distribution of all Damiano's projects. Damiano's new film Memories will open May 1 in New York and then be distributed all over the country.

"Memories is a different kind of film for me. In a ratio it's 20% sex, 80% story. The sex when it's sex, though, is explicit. Judith Crist saw the film and she really liked it."

In the future Gerard Damiano says he plans to stay with the "independent" (sexual) format. He continues in this area despite expressing contempt for the porno industry in general: "The porno business is rampant with dirty little people using and abusing talent. These dirty little people make all the money and the people who express themselves, pour out their life, get very little money.

"In the beginning I used to think that all my performers were the really together people. People that could understand themselves and their own sexuality and people who were open and free to new ideas. But the more I became involved the more I realized that this was all a façade and basically, and I'm not speaking for everyone, but most of them – they're really fucked up. Really fucked up."

The waitress brought the check.

"So you're really the only one who has it all under control?"

To which Gerard Damiano, the high priest of porno-chic, replied: "right."

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