No one quite recalls the tactics of the cunning and murderous Goebbels in our modern times like media mogul Rupert Murdoch, the big cheese at News Corporation. News Corp. just happens to own the media outlets which seem to be most comfortable portraying the Obama administration as a rebirth of the Third Reich: Fox News, the New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal among them.

Now that Murdoch has become Master of the Media Universe, we rarely hear about this unspeakable Aussie troll's inglorious climb to the top on the back of the UK newspapers News of the World and the Sun, which virtually invented the concept of "Tits on Page Three" to draw in discerning readers.

This media manipulator has hired good Germans who are just following orders. So little surprise, then, that they have somehow failed to report (thank you, Mr. Rich) that News Corporation's second-largest shareholder after the Murdoch family is a member of the Saudi royal family.

You know, like Saudi Arabia, where most of the 9/11 bombers came from. Like the Saudi Arabian royal families (also tight with the lovable Bush family, including the ignorant Dubya, who while in office was photographed walking a Saudi leader around the grounds holding hands) who allow Sharia-style justice to prevail, where women are treated like less than animals, and legal beheadings are not uncommon. Like the Saudi royalty who claim to worship Islam and yet go on jaunts to European resorts where they drink, party, and bugger their young servant boys without a care in the world. Well, it turns out our own Poison Dwarf returns the favor, investing at least 70 million News Corp. bucks in a new Saudi media company, says Rich.

Nice to know that such a morally high-minded man is behind the investment of more than $1 million of News Corp.'s filthy lucre in the GOP's campaign efforts. But, gosh, Rupert, we hope that payoff didn't cut into any funds that might have gone to the madrassas in Saudi Arabia that are incubators for the Muslim terrorists your media outlets loudly call the lowest of the low.

So when it comes to calling people Nazis (take a bow, Newt), maybe we should first think about just who this Poison Dwarf is who is driving it in the media. And come to think of it, porcine Fox News supremo Roger Ailes does look a bit like fat Hermann Goering, doesn't he?


Is Roger Clemens a boorish, bullying, unrefined, drug-injecting egotist with a brain the size of a pecan? Undoubtedly, in most people's minds. Does Roger Clemens's testimony before Congress now warrant indictment and a possible fine and jail time because our nation's legislators believe he prevaricated while addressing them? Hardly.

It is the height of hypocrisy for the giant conflagration of bought-and-paid-for liars that is the US Congress to consider punishing Clemens for an act which they engage in daily, without even blinking or interrupting their cocktail hour with a lobbyist.

It is enough that Clemens's likely use of steroids and/or human growth hormone has now stained his incredible career, and probably scotched his chances of being elected to the baseball Hall of Fame.

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