The most wonderful (not) time of year: P+J's endorsements

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By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  September 8, 2010

Yes, it's election time and, sad to say, all those ridiculous television ads that are designed to capture the "moron vote" (by far, the largest sector of the voting public) are in heavy rotation. And unfortunately, wacky Providence mayoral candidate Christopher Young isn't taking campaign donations and hasn't the money to finance television spots. Those are the only political ads that we'd really like to see at Casa Diablo.

But if your superior correspondents prefer to tune out the drivel that passes for campaign communications, we do have a few thoughts on some of Tuesday's contests. We've watched with some sadness the three Democratic candidates running for Attorney General act nasty in ads and debates. Sadness because we have met all of these candidates — Monsieurs Kilmartin, Archambault, and Fernandez — and found them all to be accomplished and talented public servants. Their unfortunate triple-plunge into unpleasantness is a bit unappealing.

Jorge says that in the 1st Congressional District, he likes David Segal, not likely to win, but a real progressive whose intelligence and integrity is impressive. The only reason not to vote for him is because you don't like his philosophy. Chi-Chi is equally intelligent and capable but in terms of "integrity," he's afflicted by Lucy Syndrome (i.e., "he's got some 'splainin' to do"). Bill Lynch is a good guy but claiming he's not a politician is way too silly for words and what's impressive about Mr. Gemma are his marketing skills. Too bad Jorge despises marketing.

Phillipe shares Jorge's support for Segal, a legitimate progressive candidate who provides an alternative to the political ladder-climbing bids by Little Chi-Chi — who would doubtless do a good job in D.C. — and Lynch, the laughably soi disant "outsider." Lynch is about as removed from Little Rhody politics as Kara Russo — a Sarah Palin and Vatican City Republican candidate for lieutenant governor and Congress — is from her puppetmaster and boyfriend, Chris Young.

In the 2nd District, Jorge likes former State Representative Betsy Dennigan for philosophical reasons like her unstinting support for reproductive rights and total marriage equality (no ifs, ands, or buts). She's also not plagued by cautionary spirit of incumbent Congressman Jim Langevin. He's a good man, but Jorge believes Betsy can do better.

Phillipe believes Jim Langevin has a done a good job in Congress, but his agenda is extremely limited. Cybersecurity and rights for the disabled are nothing to denigrate, but Dennigan also brings a good deal to the table as a strong advocate for health care. She also has a sharp mind and was on the right side of the street on key votes when she served in Halitosis Hall.

Jorge's take on the Secretary of State race: challenger Lou Raptakis makes a good pizza but we haven't figured out how that plays into the office of Secretary of State. On the other hand (shockingly, to some), incumbent Ralph Mollis has acquitted himself well. P. adds that the SoS office could still be more of a visible force in demanding that information about General Assembly work gets out to the public — the listing of legislators' vote-by-vote records is a good start.

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