And while Jorge believes that both Steve Costantino and John Lombardi are able and good candidates for Providence mayor, his choice would be Angel Taveras in that race because both writer and candidate are Latinos (though if Jorge is from "south of the border," the border is in the vicinity of Glasgow).

Phillipe also supports Taveras, not only because he further lifts La Prov out of its "I know a guy" tradition, but also because Costantino, chairman of the House Finance Committee, has been at the wheel as the state's budget and economy have gone headlong off the cliff.

Jorge has known Liz Roberts since she first brightened Rhody's shores and will vote for her over Jerry "Maguire" Kapstein. As would any intelligent citizen, adds Phillipe.


The BeloJo's Bob Kerr and the Pawtucket Times' Jim Baron are the heavyweight champs among Biggest Little columnists. But Ed Fitzpatrick, the BeloJo political columnist who stepped into the heavy boots of M. Charles Bakst upon his retirement, has also been doing some admirable work as of late. His September 2 column about the CCRI student newspaper, The Unfiltered Lens, was of particular interest to Jorge. That's because, about a year and a half ago, he was approached by the faculty advisor and staff of the paper to do a little consulting.

It wasn't because of his work on the Cool, Cool World. It was because Jorge has been the professional advisor to The Rhode Island College Anchor for the past 19 years. I was told that the Lens crew considered The Anchor to be the sort of college publication they sought to emulate. The relationship was such that, when the Anchor group was upgrading its computer and software, they generously donated some of their older equipment to the Lens.

What Jorge observed was: a) the students working on The Unfiltered Lens were serious about journalism and were adhering to high standards of sourcing and accuracy; b) they were working very hard with virtually no resources; and, c) both the administration and the student government had no use for them. Neither wanted to be scrutinized by an independent source and, since they held the purse strings, no money was forthcoming for adequate office space, equipment, or support.

The Lens staff's claim that they were being told to toe the line and only pursue positive, upbeat stories about CCRI rings true. This is in stark contrast to the atmosphere at RIC where, under both the long-serving president John Nazarian and current president Nancy Carriuolo, the administration, while occasionally embarrassed by the Anchor, steadfastly defended freedom of the press. They understood that a school newspaper is about education — about learning how to do by doing. Leaders of the student government at RIC, who have been frequently stung by critical reporting and commentary in the Anchor, also "get it." They understand that a quality college experience requires a quality student newspaper.

Your superior correspondents would both like to see evidence that the administration and student government at CCRI want to support a quality student publication. Where's the support?


Some of you may recall a strange and tragic incident a few years ago involving a bright and promising young man from East Providence who passed away after blocking a shot in a hockey game. That young man was Nathan Crowell and he was the son of Jorge's cousin.

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